Recent Purchases (part 2)

So following on from my previous post the Hello! Shop order has now arrived. Again it was delivered by the friendly, reliable and rather lovely Nozomi.


The order included ten L-size photo sleeves as I’d ran out of room for my Nacky L’s let alone the Maimi L’s I have and the Ai-chan ones. The pack of ten gives me 80 more spaces so that should do for now! I also bought these 2L Maimi and Nacky birthday photos…


I really like the soft fluffy sweater Maimi is wearing. Don’t you just want to hug her? Nacky meanwhile looks very pretty in a simple little dress. I like the fact that the birthday girls (Mai included) were dressed all in matching white.

Next up this L-sized UTB Night Nacky set…


Four pics of Nacky. Four cute poses. Such happy photos!

I also got this Nacky birthday L pic… 


For some reason having the date there and the little drawings just made it a really nice pic to have to commemorate Nacky’s birthday. It makes it a good pic for the collection. Instant recollection. “Ah Nacky’s birthday…”

Another L set I got was this five pic set of random Sayu pics “for my wife”. xD Seriously if you are going to get married then marry a fellow wota. It makes buying surprise presents so much better. 😛


My favourite pic is the cute polaroid stye one. “Peace & Smile”. Mind you the full length one is eye-catchingly dynamic and the two shoulder pics are sizzling.Is there such a thing as a bad Sayu photo? I don’t think I’ve ever seen one if there is.

The one non-photo goods item that was in the order is this Maji Desu ka Ska keyring which really is for my wife. It comes with an L-photo too…

 IMG_0013 IMG_0014

I know C-ute have had similar keychains but sadly not member specific ones. I’d love a Forever Love one with a Nacky pic. Anyway I think these keychains are really nice to have. A really good concept and reasonably priced too.

Finally I also bought this Momusu ’15 Alo-Hello set. I thought they were L’s but they turned out to be PC. Bloody pc. Everything is pc these days. Why you can’t even call Masaki a retard without someone complaining that it’s not pc and that she should be described as “differently mentally-abled”. Tsk!

IMG_0015 IMG_0016 IMG_0017

and here they are all together…


It’s quite a nice set. I think the stand-outs are Sayu, Eripon (and I’m not a big fan of hers), Riho (and I’m not a big fan of hers either), Haruna (who I’ve always rather liked) and Ayumi (who I’m becoming a bigger and bigger fan of all the time). Sayumi is of course one of the most photogenic idols ever so it’s no surprise that she pulls of a cute pose and looks great. Eripon looks really pretty with the combination of a nice outfit, pose and expression. Riho’s pose is cute and she is obviously very good looking anyway. Meanwhile Honey looks as always like she could easily be a model. Ayumi of course looks like a fish out of…sorry I mean shark out of water. But in a good way. Her dress is very pretty (and is the colour of the ocean), her smile is as hungry as always and her pose a little awkward but it can’t be easy for her being on dry land. Ayumi just seems like a beautiful wave of energy. Attractive in looks and with a fun personality. I think she’s becoming my Momusu favourite post-Sayu!

Of the other members Oda looks bored which is a shame. I like her a lot but she comes alive more when smiling. Kudo looks Yossie-tastic in her simple sleeveless top and shorts. Masaki looks okay I guess. It’s a nice outfit. Kanon has a very typical Kanon smile. Immediately likeable. Her outfit is a bit boring though. Finally Mizuki passes me by as always. Nice pose though.

So that’s it. Some more goods. Some more happy photos to add to the collection. All in all I’d say “yay!” Good times!

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