Recent Purchases

I don’t get to order goods as often as I’d like these days but when I do it’s always such a happy feeling when the parcel arrives. Recently I ordered some goods from both E-Lineup and Hello!Store. I used Nozomi as she’s really fast, really friendly and really reliable. Anyway today the goods arrived…

IMG_0020 IMG_0022 IMG_0023 IMG_0024

So first up is Nacky’s shirt. I haven’t bought a Nacky shirt in a few years but I like the colours of this and the faces add a cuteness to it. It’s a design that’s sort of a halfway house between Cool Hello and the old-style fun Hello…

IMG_0030 IMG_0031

The 21 is angled in and odd way but it’s not bothersome at all. I just take it to mean Nacky now sees things off-kilter as she’s 21 and therefore legally able to get drunk whenever she wants. 😀

I also got these Nacky and Maimi 2L sets. They are really pretty I Miss You offshoot sets. I love Nacky’s smile and the peace sign. Meanwhile Maimi looks stunning as always…

IMG_0028 IMG_0029 

Finally I got a lot of collection photos. Some L-sized H!P winter ones, some A4 ones from the same concert and some C-ute L-sized I Miss You/The Future pics. Collection photos are always fun to get as there’s that anticipation as you are opening them. Who will it be? A favourite member? Someone who you like but wouldn’t normally buy pics of? Or a member of AngrySmile? The first answer is the best but it’s also always fun to get people who aren’t your favourite but who you still like a lot. It’s nice to have the odd goods here and there of idols like Haruna, Ayumi, Oda and other top half types. The third answer is also good if you want to get some money back by selling stuff on. >.>

So who did I get? Well my wife and I started with the C-ute pics…


The Maimi pic is funny. Is she apologising for the rain? The Mai pic is really nice. I love the pose and the hearts. Pity there was a duplicate. I’d have loved a Nacky or an Airi instead but there’s always the risk of duplicates with these type of goods.

Next the Winter concert pics…


Hmm…the ice skating 12th gen, the Berryz member with the…interesting old gran style of clothing (what do you mean which one?) and a Country Girl. Still it was fun to open.

Finally the A4’s which actually turn out to be clear files. Oops!


A popular Country Girl and a Cinderella girl. Ho hum.

Well the collection goods weren’t that good for me but they were still fun to open. Plus I’ll just sell the ones I don’t like on Idol Swap (a Facebook idol sales group). The fun is in the opening and if its a member you like it’s an added gleeful bonus! All in all I’m still happy. A new Nacky shirt, some Nacky and Maimi pics and Maimi and Mai collection pics too! Yay!

I’ll be back with a new post when the Hello! Store goods have arrived. ^^

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