Morning Musume ’15

I thought it was about time I blogged about Morning Musume ’15.


Momusu one five are a group that is similar to Momusu one four except there’s those four new members. Plus after all this time there’s no Sayu. As someone who has been a fan since the platinum era this to me means it’s the first time the group has had none of “my” generation in it which makes it seem very different. However like with Doctor Who (another popular long-running entertainment institution) change is very important.

 Miyamoto Karin-538934

Change is something ever constant in life and without it everything would stagnate. It’s no different with idol music. No group could last as long as Momusu has without such changes. So even though a lot of idols I really loved have graduated over the years it’s never a sad thing as such as it’s vital for the continuation of the group.

 Miyamoto Karin, Photobook-535371

I have to say that now that Sayu has left it does mean I am watching a group with fresh eyes. For some reason despite the fact I like some of the ninth, tenth and Oda generations I never really had a firm favourite amongst them. Sayu took my attention most of the time. So now even though the ninth and tenth gens in particular have been there quite a while I am finally having to give them a bit more thought and attention. At the same time there is also the new gen too. Who will stand out from them? What are their personalities like? So actually the graduation of one member, even though she was a big favourite of mine, has actually made the group feel suddenly full of new and exciting possibilities.

 Miyamoto Karin, Photobook-535351

I have to say recently that one of the members who has been stepping out of Sayu’s shadows for me has been Ayumi. She’s this little ball of energy. Funny, pretty and cute…

 Miyamoto Karin, Photobook-535386

I do still like Haruna though. I’ve liked her since she joined. She is charming and also cute and funny. Hey I see a pattern…

 Miyamoto Karin, Photobook-530253

As an Ai-chan fan of old I of course have to like Sakura. IT’S THE LAW. I do wish she looked a bit happier in photoshoots though. Sometimes she looks a bit grumpy. Like in the Alo-Hello photoset I bought recently (see my earlier post)…

 Miyamoto Karin, Photobook-531986

Of the new members I guess it’s very easy and obvious but Miki is my early favourite…

 Miyamoto Karin, Photobook-535363

That ability to speak English mixed in with the fact she’s pretty really makes it a no-brainer. However it’s early days so all that could change. Maybe another twelfth gen member will suddenly leap out at me (and not with fangs bared in a Mitsui way). Well we’ll see.

Miyamoto Karin-524124

Anyway Momusu ’15 seems like a really fresh group. There are older members I suddenly need to pay more attention to, new members to get to know plus there’s the matter of the music. Post-Sayu will it become a little less auto-tuned? The new singles suggest maybe some new directions will be coming. So all in all it’s an exciting time for the group. I still miss Sayu though. She had such a presence. She was a beautiful, funny and passionate idol. So even though this post is about Momusu ’15 I’m still going to have to finish on a Sayu pic because Sayu may be gone but she’ll never forgotten!

Miyamoto Karin-526719

Hey hold on…Karin! Why youuuuuuuuuuuu! *Shakes fist*

Miyamoto Karin-526731


9 responses to “Morning Musume ’15

    • Yep. Every year or two there’s a refresh of the group which opens up new possibilities and brings us new personalities. The four new members and the graduation makes this an especially interesting period. ^^

      Liked by 1 person

    • Hiya Malk! 😉

      Is it wrong to wish someone get sidelined again (preferably not my oshi) so Karin will be on the next MMonefive’s MV again?……

      Btw, this brief strawberry era FTW, morningtime!


      • I can imagine a scenario now where as PV filming is coming up different members keep getting injuries.

        Kudo stands on a rollerskate and falls down the stairs.

        Kudo: Ow! Karin why was your rollerskate at the top of the stairs?

        Karin: Oops. Sorry!

        Next PV Masaki gets some bug.

        Masaki: It must have been something I ate at Karin’s barbecue.

        Karin: Oops. Sorry. Hehe.

        Next pv a masked intruder gives Ayumi concussion. A petite masked intruder who doesn’t steal anything.


    • I think she has really cute sharp elbows.

      Actually Karin is very cute. I can understand her popularity. Juice=Juice are a group I can take or leave though. I’m glad she moved to Momusu. xD


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