Latest Purchases

Yes it’s another quick round-up post of recent purchases. This time it’s mostly Kobushi Factory centred. Starting with this cute month set…


I really like the month sets. The member colours in the corner and the month of release are both neat touches. If you want to keep your photos in order of release it’s certainly handy and the member colours are just the sort of thing that appeals to us wotas. I want my Hamachan’s pink in the corner. It’s HER pink!

In this set Minami is her usual expressive self. Her expressions are so noticeable in her performances and this has made her become my second favourite in the group. Talking of Minami…


Such a cute set and I love the poses and her smile. She is full of cuteness and happiness. The perfect idol traits. ^^

Hamachan is still my favourite though…



Hamachan has that something that makes me feel happy as soon as I see her. A spirit that can’t help but infect you with energy and positivity. Plus she often makes me laugh.

As I ordered the goods through the charming Nozomi I also got the freebies that Hello! Shop provide when you spend a certain amount. I got Ozeki Mai, Chisaki, Riho and Ogata Haruna. Not a bad bunch. Especially as Mai and Riho are my wife’s favourites in their respective groups. Mai is probably my favourite Country Girl too. She reminds me a little of Horiuchi Marina with her body language and even a similar smile…


I like Haruna’s pose a lot there. I’d say she’s kind of with Miki in terms of my 12th gen Momusu ranking. The other two I haven’t really noticed yet.

Anyway it’s a quick post this time but I do have a few more things heading my way including a second copy of Kobushi Factory’s single. I got the regular edition already and got a Minami photo which was nice…



I am also getting a limited CD/DVD version with a HMV exclusive poster. I’m sure I’ll post again with photos of that and the other things I’m getting soon. Why is it that collecting idol goods feels so good though? Obviously having the items is nice but supporting your favourites is another reason. You feel involved. Great marketing from the idol producers. I’m not complaining. It adds a whole other level to fandom when you feel you can contribute a little to an idol’s success. 🙂

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    • Well you can’t go wrong with Hamachan (or Kobushi Factory in general). To me they are potentially the next C-ute. A lot of members I like and based on their songs so far some damn fine music too. ^^

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