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It’s been a good few weeks since I last made a post. I’ve temporarily moved country (back to dear old blighty) and found myself with no wifi for what seemed like an eternity (about three weeks). But I’m back now like a bad smell or Mitsui Aika (Aika dig for old time’s sake). Actually it’s interesting to see how everyone suddenly loves Aika now that she speaks English. She’s become really popular. Well it’s good there’s a bridge between the English speaking foreign fans and H!P so good luck to her. She must be really enjoying all the compliments she is getting on social media. So yeah she’s definitely a popular character now. She’s like Brian from Family Guy.

Anyway enough of that. Why am I here? Well because it’s time for the annual H!P fan vote. I have no idea who actually runs his thing but each year they ask you to choose your top ten members and ask for your favourites in lots of specific categoies too. So why not head to https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1YHvf3laEpBJfJ_CHkywC4lLe8kkIH8PNJXjt57-I-Ts/viewform?c=0&w=1 and shout out for your favourite members?

Who did I pick for my top ten? Well…

1. Nakajima Saki


Big shock huh? Well I’m actually a bit of a fan of hers. I know. I know. I hide it well. Nacky is just the one I connect with on a personal level. It’s like there are idols you find really entertaining and then there’s THE idols you feel a burning urge deep down to support. The ones you feel a connection to on some deeper level. The inspiring ones. The ones who impress you for whatever reason. Ai-chan is the ultimate when it comes to that but while Ai-chan is to me the ideal personality, Nacky is the person I’d feel more akin to. If I was a young Japanese girl (LadyMorningtime? Now there’s a thought) and I wanted to look up to someone then Nacky is the idol whose personality I’d feel closest to and so whose endeavours would inspire me the most. And actually, it doesn’t matter what age or gender I am, I can still feel inspired by her. Any person of any age can remind you of what is possible if you try to do your best and have a good attitude. And idols are great for this. You can see them and think “well her personality is like this, which I understand, and she’s achieved this, this and that, so I can be positive and achieve things too”. Idols inspire. Nacky is MY idol. Oh and she’s damn cute too. ^^

2. Yajima Maimi


The idol anyone sane would want to be/hang out with. Cool, beautiful, funny, fit and the big sister now, not just of C-ute but of the whole of H!P.

3. Hamaura Ayano


The force is strong in Kobushi Factory. The potential there is hugely exciting. And for me Hamachan is the central character. Her personality is full of humour and being an idol means a lot to her. Every major announcement is met with tears of happiness. And as I wipe my eyes I see Hamachan is crying too. 😛 Some idols just grab your attention. Hamachan does this whether performing on stage or just sitting on a floor surrounded by other idols in a dance practice room. She’s got a big, funny, energetic and cute aura. Her aura is so great it’s even in her name!

4. Suzuki Airi


I always liked Airi. Of course I did. Who wouldn’t? Meeting her last year in Paris though left a big impression on me. This despite meeting her the year before too. She was great the year before but last year somehow it was like the light switch was flicked. This girl has everything. It’s a bit like how I didn’t notice how awesome Kamei Eri was until after she graduated. Sure I’d watched her DVDs and I liked her but it wasn’t until much later that I really recognised how appealing she was. Airi is a bit like that. I guess it’s because there are a lot of idols so you find your attention grabbed by a select few the most. Over the years that handful has moved on. The goddess Ai-chan, the funny and beautiful Junjun, the cute and incredibly mesmerising Maeda Yuuka, the beautiful, funny, big-hearted and poison tongued Sayumi. All no longer in H!P. And that leaves spaces. New idols come along anyway but it also gives you more time to appreciate those that have always been there. The ones you knew were great but hadn’t had time to fully appreciate. And meeting an idol in person is a game changer too. Airi is amazing. She’s always smiling, is full of humour and is super talented. She is a superb idol.

5. Ishida Ayumi


“Cute”, “funny”, “energetic”, “pretty”, “photogenic”, “always smiling”, “great dancer”, “beautiful” and “shark”. All ways to describe the petite bundle of awesomeness that is Ayumi. She has become my favourite in Momusu. You just can’t not love that kind of mix of so many wonderful attributes in a sea-creature.

6. Suzuki Kanon


A lot of my favourite idols are very funny personalities. Kanon is pretty much perfect in that way. Her mind is inventive, weird, bright and happy. So yeah, perfect. You are guaranteed to smile a lot when Kanon starts talking. I can’t imagine her not being a tv talent type at some stage. She’s made to entertain.

7. Nomura Minami


She rose quickly once Kobushi Factory debuted. Watch her performing live. It’s like at some stage someone told her to make sure she expresses with her face more and she’s taken that advice to the extreme. It’s hilarious and just so loveable. She’s got a great spirit to her and is just one of those idols that warms the heart.

8. Iikubo Haruna


I think this is the point at which lots of idols are sort of equal. There’s quite a few who missed out but only just. Honey is here because she’s always caught my eye. She is charming, pretty and once made a blog post where she was pictured holding a Shokotan cd. Now there’s taste! Also she’s a big manga fan and even though I’m not I love that she’s someone who shows what she’s into and that what she’s into is somehow in a nearby ballpark. Haruna is just very endearing.

9. Ozeki Mai


Mai will probably rise in my estimations once I make the effort to watch and listen to Country Girls more. She’s got a vibrant personality, is really eye-catching and just has that energetic and good natured spirit that is so perfect in an idol. When you see her you feel happy. It’s like there are some people who walk in a room and the people in the room immediately think “great. They’re here”. Mai appears on a tv or computer screen and immediately you feel happy and energised. She’s one who hopefully has a very bright future in H!P.

10. Takeuchi Akari


Quack quack quack quack quack. Quack quack. Quack quack quack quack quack quack quack. Uncle Donald.*

*Translation: She’s got a great competitive and happy spirit. Donald must be proud of her.

So that’s my top ten. Maimai, Miki and Rikako were bubbling under though. Whenever I stop to think about the idols I like it brings home to me the huge feelgood factor they bring. It’s very noticeable how humour and energy is so often mentioned. That’s something idols excel at. They have such positive personalities and often such bright, unique minds. They are an injection of energy and happiness like no other. A huge boost of positivity to the very soul. In a world so often full of problems, both person and shared, idols are more than just a great escape. They’re a reminder of how great life can be. Every member of Hello! Project has contributed something to that landscape. Even Mitsui (begrudging backhanded compliment for old times sake). The ten I mentioned here are my current favourites but are still just a few of the hundreds if not thousands of idols who are out there providing not just great music but life-affirming sustenance for the heart. Long live idols! Idol music is just the glorious tip of the iceberg. When you dive into the water there’s a huge amount more to discover.


7 responses to “Hello! Project Fan Vote

  1. Nice! I’m not sure about the exact order of my choices anymore, but I think it was : 1. Mai-chan, 2. Riho, 3. Airi, 4. Maimai, 5. Duu, 6. Ayacho, 7. Ayumin, 8. Akane, 9. Momochi, 10. Yamaki. I expect more Country Girls in my top 10 next year though.


      • If it was top 20, it would look more similar as mine would include Maimi, Nacky, Hamachan, maybe Minami, maybe Zukki. And yours might include Maimai and Ayacho? Maybe Duu?

        Oh and now I remember something I wanted to say other than just listing my top 10. I originally read this yesterday, but I only had time to comment today, and so I forgot. I absolutely love the way you look up to Nacky. I fully agree in that you can inspire anyone and be inspired by anyone regardless of your age, nationality and gender. Those three things do define us to some extent, but it’s not all there is to a person. What makes us admire someone is something entirely different. It’s personality traits and actions that we can understand as fellow human beings, it’s something we can either relate to or learn from. Someone might think that a young Japanese girl is a different species from… *cough* a little less young British man, but I see both as humans first, and in a lot of ways you’re probably more similar with Nacky than the next guy you see when you step outside your door.

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      • That’s so well put. 🙂 People see gender and age too much. It overlooks so much of what actually makes a person who they are. I think regardless of age and gender a person is on their own unique path with their own unique mind and at any stage of their journey they can be inspiring. An extreme case would be where a young chld has a terminal disease but raises millions for charity. Everyone looks at that child with nothing but admiration. Nobody says “but she’s just a child/a girl” or whatever. Anyone can inspire at any age for any number of reasons. Because ultimately we are all human beings* and we are all charting a new path. Anyone can help anyone else see things differently and for the better.

        I think a top 20 would include Maimai and Ayacho. I’m not sure but maybe Kudo too. I like her attitude a lot.

        *Except maybe Meimi.

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    • Now I feel like should’ve chosen Maimi. She’s always been in my top 10. Risa is lovely though and maybe she needs the vote more than Maimi does. It’s always easy for me to pick a number one, but a top 10 is so tough…


  2. I was surprised that so many of your choices are my choices as well (except for 8-10 I really don’t get the Honey appeal). Reading someone’s reasons behind liking a certain idol is always interesting. Your love for Nacky never ceases to amaze me. It’s great that idol groups provide us many possibilities. I love Airi and it seems to me that everybody at least admires her since she’s a perfect idol but then I feel bad for other members that they might not be so popular and I feel better knowing that there are people suppurting them as well.

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    • Some idols are bigger than others but every idol has their fans. I think it’s great there’s so much variety. There really is an idol for everyone.
      I think most people at least agree Airi is a great talent in H!P. How could someone not like her at least a bit?
      I do wonder sometimes how the less popular members feel though. Like introductions at concerts where the noise is deafening for some idols then clearly a lot smaller for others. Hopefully they still realise they have people who are supporting them and for whom they are THE idol. I really do think every idol plays their part in making the community what it is. Every idol inspires someone.

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