Yajima Maimi – Nobody Knows 23

Someone on H!O put up scans of Maimi’s latest photobook so who am I to waste an opportunity to picspam? After all this being Maimi you know you will be getting photos of a very beautiful idol. But what type of photos do we get?


Colourful and striking.


Fun in the sea.

image016 image018image019-20image021

Bright and breathtaking.

image030 image033-034

Sandy and stunning!

image045 image046

Beautiful and mesmerising.


Beautiful and yankii. xD

image059-060 image063

Drunk. Oh okay not drunk. Alluring?


Summery in a very pretty dress.


Drunk and in the gutter. Or sort of arty. You decide.


Contemplating being violently sick. Oh wait, not drunk. Okay then, arty some more.


Sitting completely naturally. Obviously.


What are you looking at? Want some? Outside now…sorry. NOT drunk. Err…not sure then.

image073 image074

Simply beautiful.

image083 image085

And beautiful some more.

Maimi is a great subject for a photobook and there are some really gorgeous shots here. I particularly like the backless flowery dress. It suits her so well. The making-of DVD has some beautiful shots too of course…

vlcsnap-2015-09-13-23h30m26s200 vlcsnap-2015-09-13-23h31m12s176 vlcsnap-2015-09-13-23h31m21s16

Maimi’s smile is infectious. It’s great to see her laughing and smiling a lot during the shoot.

vlcsnap-2015-09-13-23h31m56s101 vlcsnap-2015-09-13-23h32m17s54

The pose is sexy and reminds me of a similar shoot Sayumi did. Or else it’s just a drunken inability to sit on a stool properly.


I like her hairstyle. It fits for this type of bar shoot and that type of dress. I also like the dress itself which is that typical simple but stunning black type.


However I love this dress even more. It’s really pretty yet really simple. Colourful but not too colourful. It’s backless and flowing and is a great style for summer.


Again Maimi laughing. What’s not to love?


This dress looks beautiful but I don’t see it in the actual photobook. So I’ll just look forward to the future digital PBs then!

Maimi is of course an awesome idol. She has a really warm personality, never fails to impress in what she does, has a beautiful aura and is a great leader for C-ute and Hello! Project. This photobook shows off the physical beauty but also, during the making-of and in one or two PB pics, manages to find a few moments where her happy, bubbling energy flows out too. The photos are all stunning and I love her outfits but it’s the smiling or laughing that I like the most. I’d put happy over simply arty anytime. I’d like to see more such pics. Still I’m not complaining (much). Maimi is incredibly photogenic and since we already know the idol personality it’s perfectly enjoyable and acceptable to see her modelling different moods. I’ll never turn down Maimi pictures whatever the style and all the pics are great to look through. Ultimately where Maimi is concerned there can be little wrong. I’d love to see a Yajiminglandoll PB sometime though. Something where Maimi’s happyness is pushed to the fore in a colourful fairytale explosion. Although to be fair there’s been a few solo DVDs that have been inventive and fun already so again I can’t complain (much) and since it’s Maimi why would I want to?


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