Kobushi Factory

So H!P’s new unit (with Hamachan! Yes Hamachan! Hamachaaaaaan!) has been named as Kobushi Factory. Their profile on the Hello! Project website has now been updated.

Hello_Project-528433 Hama1 Hama2

Apparently Kobushi refers to a tree that is the first to have blossom in spring as well as referring to a symbol of strength. Apparently Captain was involved in the naming and chose the “Factory” part to instill the spirit of Berryz Kobo into the group. So I’m presuming that of the eight members one will soon quit to “concentrate on her studies” and the other seven will all be complete misfits.

Talking of Berryz it’s been announced that both Captain and Chinami will continue with H!P as Hello! Project advisors. According to Up-Front’s translation this means they will be “the “bridge” between the staff and the members.” I’m pleased for both of them. It’s a shame we won’t get to see them in front of camera but even so it’s good that they obviously enjoyed the job enough to continue being involved with the industry. It’s also been announced that Yurina will concentrate on her studies and do some modelling while Risako is doing a Sayu and “taking a break”. Momo meanwhile will continue seeming completely out of place by being involved with Country Girls. I think staff are still trying to figure out what Miyabi wants to do next. It’s a painstaking process because she is having to answer questions with one hoof tap for yes and two for no. As for BigMomma she is at least doing a stageplay in March with Kobushi Factory. The posters look quite good…

Hello_Project-528629 Hello_Project-528628

Anyway I’m really looking forward to Kobushi Factory. I’m really happy that Hamaura Ayano is getting to debut. I’ve not felt this enthusiastic for a new idol since Maeda Yuuka’s Egg days. Oh…hold on…does that mean Hamachan will be the quitter? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I’m also looking forward to seeing what type of group Kobashi Factory will be. I’m hoping they will do happy, energetic and cute pop. I think H!P is missing a group like that at the moment. I guess I want to see this new group be like C-ute were in their early days (or Berryz if it’s Piriri to Yukou and Dschinghis Khan style Berryz). When Berryz go I will miss Chinami. I’ve liked her a lot for several years although due to not being a big fan of Berryz output I’ve not had the chance to enjoy her work as much as I’d like. But in life you tend to find that as one door closes another opens. So as Chinami goes behind the scenes Hamachan steps up and gets the chance to shine. And who knows, maybe some of the other members will be future H!P stars as well. I don’t really know any of the others yet so I’m unsure who will appeal to me the most and who will be this group’s Masaki or Momo. >.>

Anyway to finish have two more pics of my favourite. If you continue reading this blog you’ll have to get used to seeing her anyway!

Hamaura Ayano-526914 Hamaura Ayano-526915


4 responses to “Kobushi Factory

  1. Funnily enough Kobushi (not Kobashi!) also means either ‘fist’ or ‘samurai’
    So many puns available….

    Still, at least it’s all written in Kana, so hopefully it will look better on T-shirts.
    Watch them ruin it and write ‘Factory’ =/


  2. I’m pretty excited about this group and I’m also hoping for happy, cute pop that’s been missing since the first gen of S/mileage (and early C-ute and Berryz before that). I like the name…at least quite a bit more than ANGERME (still don’t understand why that’s all caps either).

    I find it interesting that Maasa looks so good in the posters for this play. I thought she was doomed with some sort of anti-photogenic curse the past couple years. Why do you suppose she was chosen to do this play with the Kobushi Factory?


    • I’m thinking Maasa has a mother hen quality to her. And maybe after Berryz finish she’ll be going the Yasuda Kei and Ogawa Makoto route and doing stage plays anyway.

      But yeah happy and cute pop is long overdue now.


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