Up To Boy + Hello! Project 20th Anniversary

So I’ve bought two items this month. First up I bought the Momusu 20th anniversary CD (the one with the first gen alongside the current line-up). It’s currently in customs Hell though. The second item arrived during last week however. So following their tenth gen issue a few weeks ago, UTB have given over a large chunk of their latest issue to the 20th anniversary of Hello! Project. There’s some fun recreations of past single covers and plenty of nice pics of every member. There’s also a poster and a mini photobook. So here is a teaser…

There’s also some Mano Erina. It appears she’s shot her latest pb in London.

It’s a lovely issue. Much recommended for fans of any of the groups. I feel we are lucky to have had two H!P-centric issues in such a short period. Both coming with an extra mini-pb is also a nice bonus. It’s a pity postage costs a little more than the actual issue but I still think it’s worth it. I got mine from CDJapan and the postage was quick. Now I just want my Momusu CD to be delivered! Damn customs! I have to give a special mention to the recreation of old single covers. A nice nod to the past and funny too.

7 responses to “Up To Boy + Hello! Project 20th Anniversary

  1. I’m excited they aren’t done yet… the magazine says Part II is forthcoming, so maybe the issue that releases in April will have even more recreations or reprints of OG stuff? This might be the year of H!P for them. ^^

    I’ve been getting my magazines, photobooks, CDs, etc. on Amazon.co.jp lately to save on shipping… for just the magazine, postage for 2-day shipping cost the same as the issue, but when bought with other stuff… since it’s a small flat rate fee + per item fee, it kinda cheats the system, lol. When I buy a lot, it’s like getting expedited for SAL prices. :3

    I still had to order Yamakki’s photobook from CD Japan, though, since it’s an Odyssey Books release…


    • I’d love to see more recreations.

      I tend to buy in small orders to avoid custom charges. Although magazines would be exempt on their own. I have used Amazon in the past but I’ve always found CDJapan an easy site to use.


    • I think the Part Two they were referring to was actually the last few pages of the magazine, with all the re-enactments of classic covers. I so wasn’t expecting the “To Be Continued in Part II” to refer to something in the same magazine! When I saw “Part II” in the corner of the Morning Coffee page and realised my mistake, I was pretty disappointed.

      But I’m sure there is going to be more in the future, since Wani has a Morning Musume 20th Anniversary Book coming out sometime. Plus Tsubaki’s been on fire lately and Kobushi’s back in action. Ichioka Factory should be announced any century now. It’s time for UTB to do a feature on the future of H!P after they reminisce the past. 🙂

      Next month, though, I think UTB+ is focusing on Keyakizaka46 and the only H!P I can see in the description is some gravure of Maachan and Chiichan from MM ’18 and Funakki’s corner in the black and white part of the magazine.


      • Ah…damn. XD

        Tsubaki do seem really popular. Great sales of their last single. Kobushi are my faves right now. I hope Ichioka is worth the wait. It’s been long enough.

        The 20th anniversary book sounds of interest.

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  2. Yeah, I’m hoping the 20th Anniversary Book includes plenty of material from all the eras (not just a focus on 1st gen and the current gen)… I’ve been a fan since 2006, but I’ve only been in a position to collect more than a few CDs here and there since 2014. I only started collecting books, photosets, and magazines since last year. I’d love a release that “fills in the gaps” from my poor university and part-timer days. XD

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