New purchases

So for the first time in what seems like ages I placed a few orders with E-LineUP and CDJapan. In amongst them was the issue of UTB with Momusu’s tenth gen on the cover…

Ah it’s lovely. Lots of tenth gen inside and it includes a mini photobook (mini as in number of pages. It’s the same height and width as the magazine)…

The front and back of the pb.

Also inside and on the back we have more Kudo but with Hamachan (and friends)…

Not to mention there’s a double sided poster…

And as if all that isn’t enough there’s also some Kudoboy school pics (Momusu’s DVD Magazine vol.100 is hilarious by the way. Kudo as a boy with the rest of Momusu fancying him).

Then there’s some previews of Oda’s new pb and she looks stunning. I want!

I have to say for a fan of Hello! Project thus issue is a must see.

Onto E-LineUP and I got Kobushi’s calendar…

Each month has two sides so you can choose between a group shot or just a couple of members. Even though January is my two favourites Hamachan and Minami I’ve gone with the group shot.

I also got some Kobushi collection photos…

First up…

Wada. Not my fave but in the then six gen Kobushi there’s nobody I dislike.

Second up…

Aww I miss Taguchi. Even though she was only my third favourite she was so funny and little sisterly.

No top two so far. Who is up last?

YAYYYYYYYYY! Result! Can never be unhappy with a Hamsterchan!

Talking of Hammy I also got this L set…

And this Kobushi L set…

Finally in a first for me I got a Tsubaki member’s goods. An L set of Onoda Saori. The panda pic was too cute…

To finish in I also got from CDJapan Onepixcel’s first album. I’m looking forward to hearing it.

Talking of Onepixcel they have a new single out in March and it’s the ending theme to Dragon Ball Super. I hope it sells well. This feels like a big deal. I hope Tanabe Nanami is super happy!

Well that’s all for now. Time to go check the date. Ah it’s Kobushi day. ^^

4 responses to “New purchases

  1. I got my first UTB+ issue back in October, and they keep giving me reasons to buy the next issue. Duu issue? ‘Well, one magazine won’t break the bank.’ 10th gen and Egg issue? ‘Um, is this going to be a thing… oh well, take my money.’ Now Hello! Project 20th anniversary issue next month? They need to calm down. ;_;

    That Saorin photoset is winning me over. XD She’s too intense, but she’s a cutie, haha.

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    • Ah there’s a 20th anniversary issue too? I’ll want. I hadn’t bought any UTBs in a long time but this one really impressed me.

      Somehow the Saori set jumped out at me. Even though she’s probably my second fave in Tsubaki she really appeals to me and the set is fun.


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