Hamaura Ayano Digital Photobooks June & July 2017

While we’re waiting for Hamachan to get a second PB (we are, right?) we’ve at least had the luck of getting two months of Digital PB sets in a row. So enjoy some long overdue picspam!

These pics would be improved with ice cream but I can’t think of many situations that aren’t improved with ice cream. Hammy-chan has such fun expressions and an aura that isn’t in any way hammy. She epitomises the idol qualities of cuteness, humour, energy, positivity and beauty. Perfect idol aura.

Indoor pics are always nice for the sense of lazing around with the idol. ^^

The fruity pics are my favourites. Who wouldn’t want an early morning fruity breakfast with their favourite idol? Hamster-chan’s expressions are so full of energy and fun. Just looking at the pics makes me feel energised. Proof fruit really is good for you (if presented alongside an order of Ham).

Ahh…summer poolside fun. Sun is clearly energising too when there’s a great aura around. A great HamAURA. Ahahaha. See what I did there?

Moving very quickly on…

Always make sure you clean up afterwards! I resisted a smutty comment there. What’s become of me?

The red dress is really nice but the background isn’t particularly right for it. She needs (and deserves) to be somewhere lavish.

Cute uniform pics. The train image especially stands out though. I have it as a wallpaper now.

And finally a fun trip to the beach. Every photobook must have one. Sun, sea, sand and smiles,

Hamachan’s PB is a lovely thing to own. Having these extra pics released online is a happy bonus. Some idols just have a special undefinable aura about them. I’d say Hamaura Ayano is one such idol. It’s not often I notice H!P member’s while they are still trainees. Maeda Yuuka, Tanabe Nanami and Hamachan are the exceptions so far. Hamachan’s expressions and energy won me over immediately. She is now my H!P oshi and will hopefully grace us with her presence for many years to come. A second PB would be very nice though. Also a solo DVD. Now that C-ute have graduated there must be room for other idols to get regular releases. Hamachan would be a strong contender for repeat releases I think. So let’s look forward to he next PB. We are looking forward, right? 


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