The Great H!P Shake-Up 2017

So the news of where exactly the Country Girls and debuting Kenshuusei members are going was announced today on a special Hello! Station.

Danbara Ruru and Yanagawa Nanami are joining Juice=Juice, Morito Chisaki is in Morning Musume ’17, Ichioka Reina will be leading a new group, Funaki Musubu drew the Angerme short straw (although she is slightly bonkers so will fit right in with Rikako and co) and Kawamura Ayano also joins Angerme.

Ruru in Juice=Juice seems interesting. She would probably fit in really well. I’m not sure whether Nanami will but being a bit unkind she doesn’t really grab my attention so she probably will.

Ichioka Reina leading a new group is exciting news. Maybe more Kenshuusei members will debut or maybe there’ll be auditions or both. Another new group is always welcome news. What type of group will they be? Kobushi and Tsubaki will suddenly be someone’s seniors.

Chisaki looked underwhelmed with Momusu…

Chisaki is a beautiful idol and I’m at least happy she will be joining a very popular group. I think she will find her place there although I’d prefer Country Girls to be continuing full-time. I did find her energy very low during the reveal though. Maybe she’s a Country Girl at heart. ❤ Or more likely she’s just a little awkward in front of senpai. She’s a bit happier later on meeting the other members but the energy is still odd.

Funaki in Angerme is making me laugh. It’s another crazy cat lady for the crazy cat lady group.I don’t have much of an idea what Ayano is like but we’ll see.

Anyway exciting times ahead. I’m really glad they didn’t mess with Kobushi Factory. My favourite group is perfect as is. Tsubaki have enough members already I think and they need time to establish themselves. So overall I’m happy. It could have been a lot worse.

Anyway some of the reveals…

I know. I’d cry if I had to join Angerme too.

Wada making sure Funaki can’t escape.

I reckon Funaki and Rikako will need to go outside and settle things idol to idol. There’s only room for one overactive loon in this unit.

An honourable mention for the old remove the chair trick…

So old groups refreshed a bit and interesting times ahead. I’m feeling very positive about all this though. It will be fun watching how the new members do. Also I now have the opinion that Chisaki is like a beautiful flower and I will protect her WITH MY LIFE! So finally my on-off background interest in Chisaki has roared into life. I’ll miss Ozeki Mai though. A part-time idol. How will that work?


7 responses to “The Great H!P Shake-Up 2017

  1. I’m so glad to hear someone with positive feelings about this.

    When the news broke, I was surprised (if a bit cautious). However, reactions throughout the saga were… polarizing, albeit mostly negative. I understand the complaints, but I’m taking a “wait and see” approach.

    There will be some interesting times ahead.

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    • This is definitely something that shakes H!P to the core. As I mentioned, the reactions were mostly negative but were still somewhat mixed. I think things have calmed down and now the more positive viewpoints are starting to balance out.

      Or not. The trailer’s initial Like-Dislike ratio was relatively even at first, but dipped into the negative towards announcement time. As for the announcement video itself, it’s still relatively even (3,229 Likes to 2,853 Dislikes as of this writing).

      I guess the only thing to do is to wait and see. (Of course, it helps to have some explanation:

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  2. Oh my was that some insanity during the Angerme parts… I’ve only been following them through Hello! Station for the past several years… I think I must follow them more closely now… (Funakki is my fourth favorite after Momo, Duu, and Masakins. XDD )

    I wonder what sorts of juices Danbara and Yanamin will represent? Aina’s orange juice is up for grabs… but for some reason I started thinking fruity cocktails would fit better with group’s mature image. ^^

    I think Chisaki’s just extremely shy, so she’ll be fine once she makes some friends in Momusu, I’m sure~


    • I think Chisaki will fit in well. She is a popular idol already and with Kudo leaving soon it will not harm Momusu havibg her there.

      Yanamin can bring back Sax-chan to J=J. I think it’ll be good for them to find a new dynamic. Then again I’m nit a big fan so maybe others would disagree.

      Angerme seem like a lively group just not my kind of lively. xD

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  3. I am actually pretty happy with where the girls ended up. (I was travelling [in Japan, of all places xD] so missed all the negativity and drama, fortunately.)

    Icchan leading a new group is gonna be exciting!! I wonder if they’ll announce members soon or maybe even at Summer Hello! Con!? That’ll be great, I love H!P sprouting surprises on the girls (well, maybe not this special Hello! Ste video, though that is up for debate).

    Chisaki in MM most Japanese and international fanbases seemed to have all predicted, but it’ll be interesting! The video only shows so much, but I think both she, Fuku-chan and the MM girls were just not into it that day for anything overly bubbly and joyous (don’t think the situation really calls for a joyous welcome…?). I’m kind of reminded of when Mikitty was told she’d join MM as 6th gen and some of the 1st and 2nd Gen reactions when Goto joined too, haha. I’m sure little Chisaki will fit right in, no problemo. I feel for Fuku-chan though, girl seems overwhelmed on top of feeling sad over her Momochi-senpai graduating and her friend Yamaki working as a part-time idol, AND Chisaki joining MM as a lone member.

    I was pretty surprised with Ruru and Yanagawa in JJ but the group itself hasn’t grabbed me fully in a long time, so I think two new members will help freshen things up a bit, and maybe some experimentation music wise!

    And boy, Funaki in ANGERME and Karin No. 2 – erm, I mean Kawamura Ayano. This group is going to get wilder and rowdier isn’t it? I thought Rikako was enough, hahahahah! *whispers* I do miss Maho 😦


    • A new group is always good. I wonder if it’ll mean more debuting Kenshuusei or auditions. It’ll be fun to see.

      Chisaki will fit in. I think she was just a bit shy that day and I’m not sure Fuku was expecting it.

      I agree with J=J. This will freshen them up and maybe grab them some new fans.

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