Goodbye Saki and thanks for all the fish

Ah it’s that time that must come to us all. That time when your beloved idol, the most beloved, the number one idol of all, has to graduate. I have been through this before of course. Ai-chan graduating was a big deal to me but somehow this seems different. When Ai-chan left the group remained. When Nacky leaves all of C-ute leave. Add to this the fact that another favourite idol of mine is pretty much going part-time (Ozeki Mai) and it really is a big time of upheaval.

When Ai-chan was my number one there were plenty of others I liked a lot. Nacky was up there, Maeda Yuuka and Junjun too although then came the surprise triple graduation that saw off the Chinese duo and Eri. Even so there was still Nacky and Yuuka and I loved both of them. I bought their photo sets and other merchandise quite happily even when Ai was still there. So the transition from Ai to Nacky wasn’t too hard. Ai had a good run in H!P anyway. My top four or five idols at the present time though includes three of C-ute and to be honest other than Hamachan there is nobody else who has the same sort of oshi aura. There are idols I like such as BiggerBoat and Honey but none seem to really totally grab me. Nomura Minami is someone I will doubtless spend more time on though. Actually it’s interesting that even though I have liked Ishida Ayumi for a long time and I have a few PBs I have never really bought her other merchandise. Whereas Minami is someone whose photosets I have happily bought alongside Hamachan’s. I guess the subconscious knows who really has the air of oshi about them.

Even so it feels like my reserves of idol love are running low. At the same time there are many idols I need to spend more time on to see what impression they can have. Kiki and NacchiSpock in Chewbacca Factory both have appeal. So who knows. Maybe in six months I’ll be posting about how much I adore Kiki’s huge gob. It’ll be like Nacky never left! But today is not about feeling low. With idols there is constant renewal and rebirth. Plus Nacky, Airi and Chissa all have Instagram accounts now. Accounts set up even before they have graduated. What a great way to tell the fans ahead of the graduation that they can still follow the girls. Thinking back to the time Ai-chan left the idols didn’t have such things. When idols left it felt that unless they had a new group like Reina it was going to be difficult to follow their careers (nigh on impossible in Junjun’s case). So those of us who like C-ute at least know we will be able to continue to support them. Unless you like Mai. If you like Mai I can only send virtual hugs.

So yes we are lucky these days. Idols even after graduation are so much more accessible than in times gone by. I even had Mitsui reply to me once on a Facebook post. Yes. Mitsui. Hello! Irony.  So we are lucky. Also we had so many years of C-ute being awesome. Personally my interest in Nacky led to so many great experiences. Going to Paris twice to see C-ute (and getting a Shokotan autograph and handshake into the bargain), many happy hours spent watching Nacky image DVDs or looking through PBs, so much time spent supporting the cute, shy one who grew up to be an amazing dancer, a beautiful looking woman and, based on what every other idol says, a beautiful soul too. Feeling a weird sense of pride at seeing her mature into someone so beautiful, supporting her from afar as C-ute’s popularity started to rise (and deservedly so), feeling so happy when they made it to Budokan and of course loving the music and the PVs. Nacky helped give me so much entertainment and so many positive feelings. Even though there are other idols and the adorable and funny Hamachan will be my number one now Nacky will always be one of a very select band of idols. Idols who were THE number one. She is beautiful and amazing and I look forward to seeing what she does next. I also look forward to following Airi’s singing career and Maimi’s acting career too. Oh and not to begrudge Chissa her tv career. She’s done really well to forge that career for herself.

C-ute were the best and Nacky was my personal favourite. I thank them all but today especially I thank Nacky. She was fantastic from her adorable early days to her beautiful grown-up modern self. ❤


9 responses to “Goodbye Saki and thanks for all the fish

  1. Thank you girls, was a long and happy travel through all these years. I will miss you a lot.

    No C-ute.
    No Momochi.
    No Country Girls (..fucking shitty office).
    This is the beggining of a new H!P and i don’t know if i like it..


    • It’s definitely a period of change. The Country Girls thing is weird but I don’t know if it’s partly down to Risa and Mai wanting to spend more time studying. If so it’s good that the management found some solution. We’ll have to wait and see what happens I guess.

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  2. So many longtime members are leaving in a (relatively) short period of time, coupled with many new members being thrown in without enough time to get to know them… and it’s harder for us foreign fans now as fansubs are scarcer than even several years ago… I’ve been watching more H!P media than usual lately because I’m afraid if I don’t find more girls I’m interested in, I’ll lose interest with H!P altogether when the last members I strongly like leave.


    • It’s interesting though. In some ways we are blessed these days because management know we exist. PVs are subbed in English by H!P and there is an english language Up-Front Facebook page. Mitsui used to post on it. When I started as a fan the idea of idols visiting Europe seemed unlikely. The idea of an ex-idol speaking to people in English on social media absurd. Yet on the other hand there were H!P tv shows and so many subbing groups. The language barrier and access difficulties seemed high but with all the subbing groups it actually felt easier to get a handle on the personalities. Now we get messages in English from the likes of Miki but there are less tv appearance and not even Alo-Hello style DVDs anymore so getting to know the personalities takes a lot more time and determination.

      I personally have liked Hamaura Ayano since her Kenshuusei days and I admire Kobushi Factory a lot. I have to say though without Kobushi it’d feel a little grey in H!P now. There are idols I like and some I want to get to know better but so many of my personal big hitters have gone. Then again I remember feeling similar when the OG all went and H!P continued to do just fine. In fact sales of singles for the groups improved in the years afterwards. This is probably a great opportunity for the Factory members to step up. Maybe there will be another new group too. There’s the 3 Sushi becoming fully-fledged H!P members and the CG girls.

      I’d like to say H!P’s not dead but then I remember that Melon Kinenbi album. ><

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  3. Yeah, we do get to see them more officially aimed at us (which is awesome, don’t get me wrong), but those videos on Facebook and such are always so official, it’s nothing like the DVD magazines or their old shows. I am thankful that H!P still exists after nearly twenty years and we do get to see them at least. Those old shows and Alo-Hello’s really spoiled us, though. :’) I still remember JunJun picking the scuba uniform to go surfing and Koharu picked the color she wanted and she muttered, “I want red” or something along those lines in English. I was even more endeared to her after that~

    I really am holding out hope for the promotions and transfers! I loved Country Girls to the point they became my favorite group after Morning Musume. Actually, at the end, I think I was liking them more than Musume as a whole, but old loyalties die hard. XD

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  4. I’ll be honest and say that reading your posts about Nakky made me pay more attention to her. She has grown and changed a lot since her early days as H!P Kids!

    So many of my favs have left H!P, but I am excited for the 3 eggs (they are forever eggs to me, lmao) that are soon to debut! And CG girls that will be transferring! Ichioka Reina has been in KSS as long as Kaedii so I’m so glad management is finally letting her shine 😀

    The transfer thing is new, and many are worried, but I’m going to sit it out and see what happens. With ℃-ute’s disbandment comes new changes and new things happening to all the groups in H!P I feel.

    I agree about the Instagram thing and technology though – the girls are so much more accessible now, and we get to know what happens to ex-members and people who’ve left. Bless Chisato’s Instagram post, girl’s been making full use of it post-graduation, hahahah!


    • It makes me happy if I helped someone notice Nacky more. ^^

      There are a lot of changes but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. New members and new dynamics can freshen things up. Plus there’d be no Momusu or Angerme now if there wasn’t ever change. It’s change that keeps H!P going. I like to take a wait and see approach. More often than not when H!P does something new it works out okay. I’ll be controversial and say for me the one time change wasn’t positive for me was S/mileage second gen. Even then I was excited to see what would happen though.

      Instagram is great. Seeing the C-ute members still hanging around with each other after the grad just shows how they really are like a family. I have so much respect for them. What a great group of friends they are.

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      • Absolutely! Hopefully we’ll know what’s up come Summer Hello! Con. Chissa’s tags give me life, she is hilarious with it, haha. It’s amazing that they still spend time together and recently celebrated Chissa’s birthday. True friends indeed!

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