The Disappointingly Brief C-ute Graduation Post.

So with C-ute graduating I need to make some kind of blog post about it. It’s difficult to know exactly what to say though. Marry me Nacky? Bit too forward. How’s your weight Chissa? Bit rude but hey she’s the one who brings it up all the time. Marry me Maimi? Nacky might get jealous (unlikely I know). Marry me Airi? Well now I’m just being greedy. Flying south for the winter Mai? Bit silly.

Well over the past 9 and a bit years I have made over 700 blog posts both on this site and my original site (HTTP:// So it’s pretty clear I really like idols. I mean REALLY. Over the vast majority of the past 9 years my favourite group by far has been C-ute. They have had a fantastic career and have been such a unique group. Starting off at such a young age and growing up together has given them and their fans a unique experience. Seeing them grow and improve has been a privilege. They have had so many great singles and album tracks, great PVs and fun photobooks, group and solo DVDs such as their Hawaii DVDs and concert DVDs too. Plus they gave me some great memories of Paris as well. Therefore as C-ute graduate I just want to say thank you to Maimi, Nacky, Airi, Chissa, Mai plus Erika and Kanna (Megumi was gone before I became a fan. So screw her. :p) The single that made me a fan was Forever Love and I will forever love that group. They were fantastic. I’m so glad that in later years they got some of the recognition and respect they deserved. C-ute saikou!

Yes this post is short but I’ve blogged about them so much over the years that it feels like I’ve ran out of superlatives long ago. C-ute were fantastic. They grew up as idols and it must have been incredibly hard going at times yet they persevered and became adored by their fans. I’m looking forward to seeing what they do next. In the meantime they leave behind a fantastic body…well several…sorry of work. Body of work. Yes they leave behind a fantastic body of work which I will continue to enjoy for many years to come and I’m sure I’m not alone in that. C-ute were sublime!

I think to finish I should post some of my answers to a 30 days of C-ute challenge that was on a Hello! Project Facebook page. Being naturally subversive I’d answered them on Twitter instead ( If you don’t know I’m Morningtimeblog on Twitter. Amazingly inventive name right?) Being equally subversive I only answered a few of the questions. Look this is filler. I apologise but it is. Well rather it fits in here a little so what the heck.

Q. How did you know C-ute? A. Very well. Hung out with Maimi and Nacky a few times. Had a few one to one cozy times with Airi. Can’t say more.

Q. How many years have you been cheering for C-ute? Since Hot Reservoir Dog Love/Rupert the Bear’s Dance came out.

And Kanna did get lost just a few singles later.

Q. Who’s your oshi from C-ute? A. Fishgob. Mmmmm…fish.

Q. First impression in one word of HAGIWARA MAI? A. Don’t shout. Anyway my first impressions on many members were blogged about as I was having them So…


Actually I think I’d seen Buono before C-ute so don’t really remember my first impression of Airi. Likewise I don;t remember much of Maimi except she was that young girl singing about being 16 with Nacchi.

Q. How many years have you been cheering for ℃-ute? A. About 8 and a half years. My voice is getting sore now.

Q. Which former member of ℃-ute did you miss most? A. Kanna. She was pretty much up there with Nacky at the time she left. She never seemed to get enough love from others and left before their sales increased. Pity really.

Q. What’s the first C-ute song you listened? A. Forever Love. Still one of the best.

Q. What’s your ALL-TIME favorite C-ute song? A. Forever Love. Because your first love is the sweetest. Or something.

Q. Your favorite indie single of ℃-ute! A. Inappropriate Thrusting Blue Jeans. A great song.

Q. List your top five major label singles of C-ute. A. Forever Love, Dance de Bakoon, I Miss You, Momoiro Sparkling and Kokoro… But Jinsei and Sekaiichi are so good too. Tough question.

Q. From all their singles which is your favourite outfit? A. Forever Love black suits with chains. ❤

Q. From all the sparkly clothes to the coolest ones, what’s your favorite CONCERT outfit of ℃-ute? A. Leather pole dancing outfits/ What? Well why not? Although I also love Nacky in this…

Finally which member of C-ute would make the best maid? A. Well Nacky obviously. It’s the job she is perfect for.

Yes I did make that last question up myself. I just want Nacky in a maid uniform alright?

So it’s bye bye bye to C-ute then but they won’t be forgotten and they were superb. Nobody else does concerts as good as them, nobody else had such an unblemished run of great singles and nobody else had Nacky, Airi and Maimi n their group so nobody else compares. Except Kobushi Factory. Yes in the idol world there is always rebirth. Life goes on and as Nacky, Airi and Maimi leave the stage it just leaves a gap for Hamachan, Minami and co. Long live the Queens of jpop C-ute but all bow before the future Queens Kobushi Factory. It’s what the C-ute members would want!


4 responses to “The Disappointingly Brief C-ute Graduation Post.

  1. Forever Love was the single that made me a fan, too! I became a fan of H!P in 2006, so I actually remember listening to Massara Blue Jeans when it came out. Even though I thought the song was catchy, it didn’t grab me enough, and I was (unjustly) prejudiced against them since they were kids (Morning Musume was closer to my age.) In 2008, I finally decided to give all the H!P groups a chance… and then Forever Love came out and I played the Doh Up video on repeat for about an hour. XD Buono’s Rottara Rottara came out around the same time… that was such a happy time. :’)


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