Morning Musume DVD Magazine Vol.91

Time for a post that is a staple of this blog, a DVD review post. This time it’s Momusu – with the two new 13th gen members and without Masaki.

Welcome to the blog Kaede and Reina!

Bus ride time and the 20th annual meeting of the Japanese Sherlock Holmes Appreciation Society was looking like being a good one.

Mizuki and Eripon. Ninth gen sticking together.

Ninth gen sticking together until the end comes via an unexpected shark attack.

The delinquents are at the back of the bus.

The destination. Up on a hill like some school version of the Bates family home.

Momusu split up.

Momusu meet a random guy and he sprays all over Mizuki’s chest and face. Well there’s the downside of doing photobooks.

Ayumi’s expressions are always the best. This is her WTF expression.

Of course sharks aren’t afraid of water.

Mizuki getting sprayed again. Well at least this way the pages don’t get damaged.

When you’ve just been sprayed by some random guy,

going into a room and drinking random liquids is probably just asking for trouble.

Afterwards downstairs random spray guy gets Mizuki again.

If they get sprayed in the next room it’s definitely not water…

What’s cuter than idols playing? Idols and puppies playing!

I hope BiggerBoat isn’t hungry.

It’s a race to see who can get to Mizuki first (and possibly spray her).

This pup is about as interested in Mizuki as I am. *scratch scratch*

I’m sure I could make a joke about Mizuki’s puppies but I’m not sure I want to make a joke about Mizuki’s puppies.

Onto the next room…

In this room is a box with a message in it. You just have to take the message out of the pubic hair. Okay probably not pubic hair. Possibly maggots. Pixelated though. You don’t normally see things pixelated in Japanese media except…hmm…probably maggots though.

Ayumi found them!

Miki looked twice as though the first time her eyes were deceiving her.

The shark fishes out the card.

More spray. Ayumi’s face and from a distance Miki’s legs.

Shark attack!

Shark repelled!

Goal achieved.

Well spray guy is back.

Ayumi protects.

And a handshake ensues but there’s something wet on his hands. I’m sure this whole DVD is a metaphor for idol life. There’s fun sure but then you get sprayed my a middle-aged man in various different ways.

Onto team two…

It’s going to be more of the same I guess but anyway Eripon gets a face spraying.

Aaaaaand finally it’s hit me. Do you know who Eripon comes across a bit like? Yasuda Kei. There I said it. She’s the new Kei.

I forgot to mention during the first part that there’s also a mysterious substance on the door handle. Eripon discovers that being an idol can open doors but can also leave you with a feeling of disgust.

More playing with dogs.

And maggots (with Kudo having a cockney knees-up in the background).

Akane takes matters into her own hands but only succeeds in making herself wet. Well they aren’t allowed boyfriends.

What? >.>

Well you’ve got to hand it to Eripon.

Team three!

Even after he sprays them Oda is still politely putting her hands out.

Lesson learned.

Dogs like Honey. Don’t blame them. Meanwhile Kaede learns the important lesson of looking where you kneel in a room full of puppies.

Oda’s pup goes for her microphone to which she replies in English “no mike”.

Even though it’s time to leave this dog really like’s Honey’s lap. Seems reasonable.

Honey is genuinely in tears when it’s time to say goodbye. Reincarnate me as a puppy now!

More Oda spray fun!

At the end there’s food for the winners but don’t look before it’s time…

And don’t piss off a shark!

And that’s it. Quite entertaining without reaching the heights it could have. Once you’ve seen one team go through you are then getting more of the same with the others which is a little boring. I do like it when they are sent somewhere on a bus though. A day out with Momusu is never a total waste of time and there are plenty of fun moments here. Now please send them to a fun fair. I want to see them taking on roller coasters!

And to finish here’s the last cap. Oda is no longer alone it seems!


3 responses to “Morning Musume DVD Magazine Vol.91

  1. When i saw the Dvd i didn’t understand anything except one thing, when i grow up i want to be Spray-Man, a happy guy that they pay for wetting Idols.

    And i’m sorry Daishi, but the shark jokes are the best XD

    Pd: but no Maa-chan, no life

    Liked by 1 person

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