Party like it’s 2008

So today is the ninth anniversary of this blog. It started with random ramblings and then morphed rapidly to become a blog about rambling randomly. It’s been fun. Through the blog and it’s associated Twitter account I’ve met many wonderful people. Coming across people from all over the world who share the love of idols has been such a positive experience. The idols are great but so are so many fans. That fan community has lifted what is a really enjoyable hobby (if that’s even the right word) and made it feel like being part of a worldwide, fun and supportive family. Except with less of the arguments that come with most families…well at least most of the time.  So I’d like to thank everyone who has ever posted positively on this blog or who has chatted on Twitter. I started the blog thinking I’d be talking to myself. I mostly wanted some outlet for my thoughts on this weird new world of entertainment I’d stumbled into. I ended up meeting so many people and having such a blast.

I’m still a fan of H!P. Even though my favourite group C-ute just released their last single this week I know my interest in H!P isn’t going to wane. Kobushi Factory I adore, Momusu still produce the goods more often than not, Angerme are fun to skit at and even Tsubaki Factory show signs of not being a total disaster. Country Girls have a nice feel to them too although apparently I’m not supposed to go within 3 miles of any of the members now. Away from the current H!P members there’s the return of Sayu which is so good plus so many ex-members have social media accounts now. I’m following Ai-chan and Junjun on Instagram. My top 2 Momusu members! Junjun’s love of her Momusu days comes across time and again. She’s awesome.

It’s tempting to try and get this blog to ten. In all honesty though I’m not sure. I’ve blogged at least once a month every month for the past nine years but it’s hard not to notice the drop in views and comments. Maybe it’s that I don’t have as much to say anymore and my days of coming up with funny, inventive posts are long gone or maybe it’s just that blogs are old-fashioned and all the kids want snaptmblrinstafacetwits now instead. Yet I’m not sure I want to stop just yet. I certainly don’t want to decide to stop at ten as that’d be a bit like C-ute announcing their disbandment a year ago. If I did the C-ute thing then every post between now and then would be along the lines of “I’ve grown so much. Thank you. I will look to the future. Ah the past. There were hard times but thanks to you I made it through. I’m grateful. Life is taken step by step. To the future. Thank you! I’m grateful. Thank you! Thank you! Ah life.” You know…like every sodding single they have done in the past year. Or at least that’s what it feels like. The long-drawn-out goodbye. Every single had to be dripping in meaning about their forthcoming exit. But anyway I’m really not sure if I’ll keep up the blogging at least once a month. But sometimes something comes along and enthusiasm hits and you want to say “hey! Look at this! This is great!” So maybe it’s not goodbye just yet. Either way I’ll still be on Twitter.

Anyway as a special thank you some of the H!P groups have answered a Hello! Morning question…

Apparently Tsubaki Factory were asked for their answers but they just all shuffled nervously and some started crying. Nobody thought to ask Juice=Juice. Mitsui gave a reply that was sweet until she realised who she was talking about and it just became an expletive-riddled rant.

Well thank you for the past nine years. Here’s to the future. One step at a time. I’m gra…wait…no. Well here’s to the future anyway. I will probably blog more even if less often. When you love something you just want to shout it out regardless of whether anyone can actually hear. I guess this blog is a labour of love for amazingly entertaining, talented, cute and funny idols past and present. The blog is about them and ultimately for the love of them. To the future!


5 responses to “Party like it’s 2008

  1. Congrats!

    I think you have less readers and comments because fan blogs simply aren’t as popular these days. Yours is the only one I read regularly now.

    Surprisingly, I found the Rina/Kana bit the funniest. 😄

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  2. Happy 9th anniversary!

    You and MTSayuRin hit the nail on the head in regards to fan blogs. Most have gravitated towards social media to get their fandom fix. However, blogs still do have a place as it provides a nice “hub” for our fan-activities. Plus, some even occupy a space of “authority” among those niches. I don’t think (fan) blogs will die anytime soon, but they are in a sea of competition.

    I do share your sentiments and I won’t lie that the dwindling numbers subconsciously drove my decision to create a comic based on my blog’s mascot. (That and I feel that without it, there’s no real grounded reason to care about her.) As blogging hubs and communities trickled, this also contributed to numbers.

    However, they DO have a place in the age of social media. First, they allow for hijinks that’d be clunky on other platforms (like the Hello! Morning gag at the end of this post). Second, like any blogosphere, you get to meet people and interact with fellow fans (ourselves included. Indeed, even if I interacted with other fans in other places, I still feel snug as a bug on my own blog). Third, they feel a bit more “close” and “intimate” than being yet another face on social media.

    Either way, congrats on nine years and keep up the good work! (Go at your own pace though. I had to institute a schedule on my part to stave off burnout, which I’m VERY prone to.)

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    • I agree with you. Somehow a blog feels more personal, more like a home, than places like Tumblr or Instagram. A blog feels more substantial somehow. I guess because it’s a set space featuring just your own things it’s like being at home whereas Twitter, Facebook and so on are more like meeting in bars or cafes. There’s more room for different things too.

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