Yajima Maimi – Watashi no Kisetsu

I was watching Maimi’s Watashi no Kisetsu recently and decided it’s too nice not to share. It’s been subbed by H!F although as is the norm these days there’s not a great deal of talk. There is some though and it’s really good and very helpful to have it subbed. I want to know what Maimi is saying and it does help with the enjoyment of the DVD as it gives a greater level of understanding. It makes the DVD more accessible so thanks to H!F for continuing their subbing.

Anyway the DVD is about Maimi taking a few days off in Taiwan and heading in a camper van to the sea. So here she is pretending to be asleep…

hf-yajima-maimi-watashi-no-kisetsu-br30fps-mp4_snapshot_00-03_2017-01-13_18-46-12 hf-yajima-maimi-watashi-no-kisetsu-br30fps-mp4_snapshot_00-25_2017-01-13_18-46-43

I know she’s pretending because she once stayed at the Morningtime Hotel and I know what she really looks like when she’s asleep. O-O 


After waking up it’s time to do breakfast. She puts the milk in first?

hf-yajima-maimi-watashi-no-kisetsu-br30fps-mp4_snapshot_02-10_2017-01-13_18-01-56 hf-yajima-maimi-watashi-no-kisetsu-br30fps-mp4_snapshot_02-13_2017-01-13_18-02-06 hf-yajima-maimi-watashi-no-kisetsu-br30fps-mp4_snapshot_02-23_2017-01-13_18-02-23

Anyway Maimi wants to go diving but it’s raining so…

hf-yajima-maimi-watashi-no-kisetsu-br30fps-mp4_snapshot_04-23_2017-01-13_18-04-26 hf-yajima-maimi-watashi-no-kisetsu-br30fps-mp4_snapshot_04-25_2017-01-13_18-19-54

Hello! Project is proud to announce it’s new movie Finding Nacky!

hf-yajima-maimi-watashi-no-kisetsu-br30fps-mp4_snapshot_07-47_2017-01-13_18-23-22 hf-yajima-maimi-watashi-no-kisetsu-br30fps-mp4_snapshot_08-11_2017-01-13_18-25-51 hf-yajima-maimi-watashi-no-kisetsu-br30fps-mp4_snapshot_08-17_2017-01-13_18-26-01

After failing to reel in the best fish of all she heads to the gift shop for some penguin fun…

hf-yajima-maimi-watashi-no-kisetsu-br30fps-mp4_snapshot_10-50_2017-01-13_18-30-52 hf-yajima-maimi-watashi-no-kisetsu-br30fps-mp4_snapshot_10-51_2017-01-13_18-31-01 hf-yajima-maimi-watashi-no-kisetsu-br30fps-mp4_snapshot_10-52_2017-01-13_18-31-13 hf-yajima-maimi-watashi-no-kisetsu-br30fps-mp4_snapshot_10-52_2017-01-13_18-31-21

After which it’s back to the camper van.


I knew it! I knew she was looking for her soulmate. Or should that be…CRAP PUN ALERT…solemate? Because you know…sole is a type of fish. Look it’s not easy coming up with this nonsense you know. This blog will have been going nine years in April. Nine years! Cut me some slack.

Anyway it’s still raining so the pool it is. Bikini! Disgusting bikini! Look at it. Urgh. Disgusting..

hf-yajima-maimi-watashi-no-kisetsu-br30fps-mp4_snapshot_13-15_2017-01-13_19-00-11hf-yajima-maimi-watashi-no-kisetsu-br30fps-mp4_snapshot_15-48_2017-01-13_18-59-09hf-yajima-maimi-watashi-no-kisetsu-br30fps-mp4_snapshot_16-27_2017-01-13_18-35-26 hf-yajima-maimi-watashi-no-kisetsu-br30fps-mp4_snapshot_16-29_2017-01-13_18-35-10

After a swim it’s time for some exercise. Beach time!

hf-yajima-maimi-watashi-no-kisetsu-br30fps-mp4_snapshot_21-18_2017-01-13_19-03-06 hf-yajima-maimi-watashi-no-kisetsu-br30fps-mp4_snapshot_21-33_2017-01-13_19-03-21 hf-yajima-maimi-watashi-no-kisetsu-br30fps-mp4_snapshot_22-42_2017-01-13_19-03-30

Then it’s back to the van and with time to kill how about watching a DVD. If she starts watching the DVD of Watashi no Kisetsu that’d be disconcerting…

hf-yajima-maimi-watashi-no-kisetsu-br30fps-mp4_snapshot_24-07_2017-01-13_18-39-25 hf-yajima-maimi-watashi-no-kisetsu-br30fps-mp4_snapshot_24-10_2017-01-13_18-39-52 hf-yajima-maimi-watashi-no-kisetsu-br30fps-mp4_snapshot_24-15_2017-01-13_18-40-05

H!P? C-ute? Nah I’ll watch myself. Well to be fair if I was Maimi I’d watch myself too.


Well I know what some people think others do when they watch these DVDs but I don’t think most people do do that thing. Besides doing it to your own DVD would be very weird. Don’t you have one of Nacky’s you can watch?

Another crap joke coming up. Ready?



I did say it was crap. If you are disappointed you only have yourself to blame.

The weather has cleared so it’s time to go diving. I’m sure there is some reason you can’t go diving when it’s raining. Maybe you’ll get wet?


“Ah. It’s nice to be naturally only half wearing this diving suit.”


Oh that’s why you can’t go diving when it’s raining.


“Ah it’s nice to feel the breeze while naturally only half wearing this diving suit.”

Diving time and H!P have pushed the boat out (no pun intended. Well that’s lucky. Have you read my puns?) and they’ve…ahahaha SPLASHED out (see?) on an underwater camera…

hf-yajima-maimi-watashi-no-kisetsu-br30fps-mp4_snapshot_26-29_2017-01-13_19-14-19 hf-yajima-maimi-watashi-no-kisetsu-br30fps-mp4_snapshot_26-33_2017-01-13_19-14-27 hf-yajima-maimi-watashi-no-kisetsu-br30fps-mp4_snapshot_26-58_2017-01-13_19-14-33

Ooh look a blue fish. Nacky comment goes here.


All joking aside (you are glad aren’t you) it’s good Maimi gets given something to do that she really enjoys. It’s nice to be sort of taken into her world.

hf-yajima-maimi-watashi-no-kisetsu-br30fps-mp4_snapshot_29-15_2017-01-13_19-18-14 hf-yajima-maimi-watashi-no-kisetsu-br30fps-mp4_snapshot_29-40_2017-01-13_19-18-50hf-yajima-maimi-watashi-no-kisetsu-br30fps-mp4_snapshot_30-26_2017-01-13_19-20-44

Well it’s time to surface…


It was amazing. Now perhaps you could completely naturally half wear your wetsuit?


That’d be a yes then.

I’ve been thinking dirty/creepy Morningtime should make a return at some stage (what do you mean he never went away?) but even I’m saying nothing here…


Anyway it’s beach bikini time and a grain of sand can be the luckiest thing in the world…

hf-yajima-maimi-watashi-no-kisetsu-br30fps-mp4_snapshot_31-48_2017-01-13_19-25-38 hf-yajima-maimi-watashi-no-kisetsu-br30fps-mp4_snapshot_32-01_2017-01-13_19-25-44 hf-yajima-maimi-watashi-no-kisetsu-br30fps-mp4_snapshot_33-30_2017-01-13_19-26-03 hf-yajima-maimi-watashi-no-kisetsu-br30fps-mp4_snapshot_34-51_2017-01-13_19-26-12hf-yajima-maimi-watashi-no-kisetsu-br30fps-mp4_snapshot_35-15_2017-01-13_19-29-33hf-yajima-maimi-watashi-no-kisetsu-br30fps-mp4_snapshot_35-39_2017-01-13_19-29-42

Look at that sand being trampled on by Maimi as she lies on it. Walked all over and getting in-between her toes and on her skin and urghmkdnjgfhehf

Sorry. Very unprofessional of me. Became a little overheated. Perhaps I should lie down. Maybe on a beach like a grain of sand lies on the beach before getting…No! No! Move on…quickly!

Okay well all that is left is the making-of for her Hitori no Kisetsu photobook. It seems to involve a bikini…


A bikini…


A swimsuit…


And some curtains…

hf-yajima-maimi-watashi-no-kisetsu-br30fps-mp4_snapshot_42-18_2017-01-13_19-33-48 hf-yajima-maimi-watashi-no-kisetsu-br30fps-mp4_snapshot_42-30_2017-01-13_19-32-27

Oh come on now. You wear a bikini, another bikini, a swimsuit then jump in the pool with a sort of dress on? Next you’ll be pouring milk in the bowl before the cereal.

Okay well that was day one. Day two involved some exploring…

hf-yajima-maimi-watashi-no-kisetsu-br30fps-mp4_snapshot_44-17_2017-01-13_19-36-13 hf-yajima-maimi-watashi-no-kisetsu-br30fps-mp4_snapshot_44-37_2017-01-13_19-36-44 hf-yajima-maimi-watashi-no-kisetsu-br30fps-mp4_snapshot_44-58_2017-01-13_19-37-12 hf-yajima-maimi-watashi-no-kisetsu-br30fps-mp4_snapshot_45-53_2017-01-13_19-37-56 hf-yajima-maimi-watashi-no-kisetsu-br30fps-mp4_snapshot_46-13_2017-01-13_19-38-05 hf-yajima-maimi-watashi-no-kisetsu-br30fps-mp4_snapshot_46-33_2017-01-13_19-38-21 hf-yajima-maimi-watashi-no-kisetsu-br30fps-mp4_snapshot_46-43_2017-01-13_19-38-38 hf-yajima-maimi-watashi-no-kisetsu-br30fps-mp4_snapshot_46-44_2017-01-13_19-38-43 hf-yajima-maimi-watashi-no-kisetsu-br30fps-mp4_snapshot_46-59_2017-01-13_19-38-50

And that’s it for the DVD. That black dress is very stunning. As for the DVD overall…


Well yes that. It was 50 minutes of one of the most beautiful idols H!P has ever had doing various activities. It was 50 minutes with one of H!P’s most charming  idols. 50 minutes spent in the company of one of the coolest and most likeable idols. 50 minutes that were relaxing and beautiful and so very enjoyable because ultimately that’s Maimi. Maimi is beautiful on every conceivable level. A great personality matched with beautiful looks. It was a great two days pf shooting. This is definitely one of the best image DVDs!


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    • Unfortunately this time I don’t think I can make it. If there was a way I’d be there. Probably my last chance to see C-ute. I’ve been lucky enough to see them twice before though so at least I have happy memories.


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