Happy 20th Birthday Ishida Ayumi

January 7th is Ayumi’s 20th birthday. So let’s celebrate that Daaishi feeling together. That joyous feeling that only Ayumi can bring. That wonderful surge of happiness coupled with a burning sensation where your limb just was. Such a special feeling that BiggerBoat gives. So happy birthday to Momusu’s best member. Now on with the picspam!

024001 002 010 022 028 029008 019008 015 017 019 020 024001 015 018 019 020 022 024012 016 018025010 016 017 020 025004 010

Sharks clearly don’t know how to sit in baths!


Now to finish on the ultimate Daaishi feeling pic…


The flying shark!

I hope Bitey continues to entertain for a good few years yet. It’s easy to forget how long the tenth gen have been there for already. They joined late in 2011 so it’s already been five years. Ai-chan was just on her way out when they entered.  That seems a lifetime ago. But there’s plenty still to come from Ayumi I’m sure. She shines so bright. Happy birthday to her. Let some of that Daaishi feeling into your heart on this day. Go on. Go out swimming at sea late at night and who knows, maybe that Daaishi feeling will hit you. CHOMP! ^^


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