Nagasawa Marina!

Time for a rare Non-H!P post. It all started a long time ago in a Cheerz site far far away when I noticed a random picture that stopped me in my tracks. It was someone called Nagasawa Marina. I  can’t remember which pic it was but it was WOAH at first site. This girl has incredibly unique looks. She has the cutest babyface but with an incredible figure. Well hey so what. Right? I like idol personalities so any good looking girl with nothing but looks to go on wouldn’t grab my attention for longer than five minutes. I need more than just a pretty face. Besides she is in Houkago Princess who I’d barely even heard of.

Anyway one brief Facebook post later just…you know…mentioning her beauty and Chiima of the Okay Musume Time blog who is a big fan of the HP that doesn’t have a ! cruelly picspammed me to heaven and back. Anyway guess what? It turns out Marina does have a personality. And in her enthusiasm for her job and her hobbies  (which seem to inlude drinking beer and watching Star Wars. Yes that’s right…beer and Star Wars) she actually has the perfect  idol personality. Her enthusiasm is so great that it hits you like a beautiful wave of rainbow colours on a grey day. It’s like she gets you to feel you are experiencing things how she does. That infectious enthusiasm scoops you up. Perfect! And did I mention beer and Star Wars?

So now, despite not being that into Houkago Princess, I’m finding myself watching Marina’s solo output. This  is very different to H!P stuff. It’s very much down the gravure road.  But like I said, her infectious energy just sweeps you along. Her looks are stunning and her personality is so funny and adorkable. Therefore under wota blogging law 20.11 subsection 8/10/95/21 it is my duty to provide a picspam appreciation post. Enjoy…

wp-1479445411890.jpgimg_20161118_064652.jpg wp-1479445402525.jpg

She has that affect on a lot of guys. >.>


More booze! May the forsh be wish yous. You’re my besht idol you are. (Hic) Shh! Dons’t tell Nackashii…Nackyjim…don’st tell Maimi.

See? Cute as anything. Oh and despite her youthful face she is 21 years of age. What a mesmerising idol! Anyway she has a Twitter account here if you want to see more. I recommend it! Now I’m off to face the evil rebellion. Those damn 48 groups! May the force be with chu!


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