Kobushi Factory DVD Magazine Vol.3

Hello and welcome to my mostly triple-biased picspam review of Kobushi Factory’s 3rd DVD mag. With their debut album out soon and looking like a great purchase it seems like a good opportunity to spend some more time in their company.

So first off we have the shooting for their 2017 calendar. Anybody want a lovely old-fashioned car? Eight previous careful lady owners…

kobushi-factory-dvd-magazine-vol-3-mp4_snapshot_00-00-16_2016-11-17_05-03-55 kobushi-factory-dvd-magazine-vol-3-mp4_snapshot_00-00-28_2016-11-17_05-04-12 kobushi-factory-dvd-magazine-vol-3-mp4_snapshot_00-00-32_2016-11-17_05-04-21 kobushi-factory-dvd-magazine-vol-3-mp4_snapshot_00-00-37_2016-11-17_05-04-31 kobushi-factory-dvd-magazine-vol-3-mp4_snapshot_00-00-42_2016-11-17_05-04-59

There then follows brief chats with each member. My triple-bias?


Taguchi Adoptme…I mean Natsumi. Sorry. Freudian slip. Taguchi is somehow so endearing!


My number one. Hamachan. A cute, funny, pretty ball of idol energy!


And my number one if she was in almost any other group. Nomura Nom-Nom Nomani. Sorry Minami. Recently I’ve been increasingly noticing a resemblance to a young Takahashi Ai. Since Ai-chan is my favourite ever idol that’s a great compliment. Like with Hamachan and Taguchi Nom-Nom has such a sunny, pleasant, beautiful aura to her. Idol perfection!

The main part of the DVD is the members doing individual tasks. Rei gets the odd task of being given 3 minutes to cry. Start!

kobushi-factory-dvd-magazine-vol-3-mp4_snapshot_00-18-22_2016-11-17_05-06-20 kobushi-factory-dvd-magazine-vol-3-mp4_snapshot_00-18-32_2016-11-17_05-06-25

Think sad thoughts! Ignore the other members mucking about!


I said ignore the other members! Imagine you’d been put in Tsubaki Factory instead!


There. That did it! Now stop crrying. It was only a crazy nightmare. You’re a Kobushi!


Rena had to draw a member…

kobushi-factory-dvd-magazine-vol-3-mp4_snapshot_00-22-13_2016-11-17_05-07-31 kobushi-factory-dvd-magazine-vol-3-mp4_snapshot_00-25-37_2016-11-17_05-07-49

Screw you Rena! Screw you! That’s no way to draw Taguchi! Mean!

Although maybe not as mean as what Taguchi had to do. So there’s these five glasses and she’s drinking from them…

kobushi-factory-dvd-magazine-vol-3-mp4_snapshot_00-35-18_2016-11-17_05-00-25 kobushi-factory-dvd-magazine-vol-3-mp4_snapshot_00-35-27_2016-11-17_05-00-51


Anyone else reminded of those charts doctors use when checking urine? O-O I’m not sure who number 4 belongs to but really they are drinking too much lemon!

Time to go on a love trip with Hamachan. Hey stop pushing at the back! Form an orderly queue!  Tsk!


Anyway Hamsterchan has to draw some members…



Okay that looks more like an episode of Jeremy Kyle.

kobushi-factory-dvd-magazine-vol-3-mp4_snapshot_00-57-07_2016-11-17_05-11-59 kobushi-factory-dvd-magazine-vol-3-mp4_snapshot_00-57-13_2016-11-17_05-12-13

Well at least Hamachan showed she has some ability. Her Taguchi is at least better than Rena’s!

Nom-Nom got the task of reading one of those twongue-tisters. I mean tongue-twitsers. Dammit!

kobushi-factory-dvd-magazine-vol-3-mp4_snapshot_01-00-50_2016-11-17_05-13-28 kobushi-factory-dvd-magazine-vol-3-mp4_snapshot_01-00-52_2016-11-17_05-13-35 kobushi-factory-dvd-magazine-vol-3-mp4_snapshot_01-00-54_2016-11-17_05-13-42 kobushi-factory-dvd-magazine-vol-3-mp4_snapshot_01-01-11_2016-11-17_05-14-05

I think Rei is about to cry again. At least it’s with laughter this time.

And then the DVD is pretty much over. Just time for more mucking around…

kobushi-factory-dvd-magazine-vol-3-mp4_snapshot_01-08-40_2016-11-17_05-16-43 kobushi-factory-dvd-magazine-vol-3-mp4_snapshot_01-09-11_2016-11-17_05-17-04

Kobushi are very good at enjoying themselves. No spare moment is wasted. Throughout the DVD they are in the background giggling and acting goofy. You seriously need to love this group. They have such a great dynamic and great songs too. They feel so right together and there’s someone for everyone! So far they have had three DVD Magazines and they have all been fun. This is worth a watch if you want to spend an hour in the company of awesome idols. And if you don’t want to do that then why are you even here? ^^

Well time to say bye. I love Hamachan’s outfit by the way. I also like Rei’s top. Oh and how thin are Taguchi’s legs? How can she stand up? But anyway I digress. In conclusion Kobushi Factory are awesome. That is all. Bye for now!

kobushi-factory-dvd-magazine-vol-3-mp4_snapshot_01-11-39_2016-11-17_05-18-30 kobushi-factory-dvd-magazine-vol-3-mp4_snapshot_01-11-41_2016-11-17_05-17-41


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