Sexy Cat?

So the Momusu Sexy Cat PV has been previewed on Hello! Station.

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Thoughts? I have to say I’ve been careful so far to comment too much as I know how extreme reactions can be. Nevertheless I like the PV and want to defend it a little. I kind of wonder how much of the negative response from western fans has been based entirely on their own culture. They look at it from a purely western perspective. I’m not sure that’s fair though. After all countries like the UK are still massively affected by the Victorian era where the ultra religious basically decided that everything to do with the human body is dirty and disgusting and based on sex. Therefore even to this day a lot of people see anything to do with looking “sexy” as being a negative. Especially if it’s young girls. However I think the PV is supposed to be sexy cute and that’s a concept that doesn’t even exist in the west. So people’s perceptions are very much “urgh it’s a fap-fest” rather than “ah so cute”. I think in countries like America, a country founded by puritans, there’s a similar response in some quarters. I think in these two countries especially attitudes to the human body are sort of negative with a lot of people. Perhaps that’s why these countries have such high rates of underage pregnancies. There’s an almost guilt-ridden childish attitude towards sex that leads to young people not really maturing as quick as they need to in order to deal with puberty. Yet America and the UK loves to tell the world how to be. Ignore the UK’s exceptionally fucked up and violent society that is basically beyond repair and instead listen to us for we know best. You are all bad and should be more like us.

I think it’s quite normal in some families in Japan for fathers to bathe with their daughters. If that happened in the UK people would call the police. I have seen Japanese men go into plane toilets with their daughters when their daughters are about 7 or 8. In the UK the police would again be called. I think in Finland some families go to saunas together naked. In the UK it’d be “hello is that social services?” Attitudes to many things can be very different from country to country. Yet there’s a sort of attempt at cultural domination at times. Some countries *coughUK-UScough* like to see things only from their perspective. a “that’s bad mmkay?” approach. I think we need to be aware of this. Perception is based on your own culture and you should at least first try and see how things are perceived elsewhere. I think this is a problem mostly with teens though. A lot don’t have the maturity to even comprehend the differences in societies. But If people are aware of cultural differences and still think it’s a bad thing for whatever reason then fair enough. If people believe the affect of such a PV is negative in Japan then nobody will change their mind I’m sure. And to be honest I’m not sure myself. Some people will look at this PV in a creepy way. That’s inevitable. Does that make it bad? Some people watch the BBC news in a creepy way. Looking at whichever young female presenter the BBC have replaced the last now “too-old” presenter with while their trousers are around their ankles. What do you do? Do you censure everything because of such people? Is the answer burkas for all? Do we just think of the negatives and ignore everything else? Beats me.

Is any of this relevant? To be honest I’m not sure. Do Pvs like this objectify females?Β  If yes does that mean any attraction is inherently bad then and we must all pretend cuteness or beauty doesn’t exist? Are we as a world becoming just a bit too sensitive? No idea. Hey I didn’t pretend to have the answers. All I know is the PV is cute to me. Even the “hot” bed posing is more like a “squeee” thing than an “ohhhhh mmmmm” thing. Then again that’s in the eye of the beholder. Everyone has a different response. Ultimately though I see the PV as being a fun tongue-in-cheek thing. The members are being sexy cute rather than doing some kind of obviously full-on Smiley Virus twerking kind of thing. I know others will disagree though. I know many think it’s wrong as one or two members are still of a school age. I personally think intent is important and the intent is for them to look cute and beautiful. It’s not supposed to make them look like whores. You’re not supposed to fapfapfap. I also think the outfits aren’t even that sexy anyway. They are just tops and skirts. Maybe taken with the lyrics and posing they become more sexy but again I think it’s mainly a cute thing. It’s not exactly Heavy Rotation standard.

Well Anyway regardless of your opinions I’m sure there is one thing we can all agree on. It’s a shame this PV came out many years after the original sexy cat, Tanaka Reina, graduated. it’s nice they have given some members her old boots though.


5 responses to “Sexy Cat?

  1. πŸ‘ Fascinating thoughts with a lot of food for thought. This is extra interesting to me as thanks to a comic book cover reveal, my Twitter feed became dominated by the discussion of the sexualization of teenagers (particularly of girls) for a good part of Thursday and Friday. (I think it might continue for another day….)

    Weirdly enough, I managed to avoid a lot of the criticisms regarding the MV (and if there were, it’d probably be the language barrier). Then again, most people talked about C-ute from what I’ve seen.

    Looking at things from an international perspective (one major goal I have in life) will certainly make you look at things differently and thank you for bringing up what “sexy” can mean across those lines. Kudos also for bringing up the legacy of Victorian and Puritan norms as well.

    Sorry for rambling at this point (it’s late where I am ^^;), but I just wanted to add to the conversation.

    Again, great post with a lot to think about. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ’–


    • Thank you for commenting. Actually I was worried I was rambling too much. It’s early where I am and I’m going through one of my insomnia periods. ><

      I find the differences between cultures fascinating and it's really eye-opening to learn about such things. It can make you see things in different ways including seeing what's good and bad about your own society. I think it's important we are all aware of such things. It's better for fostering understanding of others and for stopping negative stereotypong.

      Wait I'm definitely rambling now. xD

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