C-ute DVD Magazine Vol 60 Review – It’s Magic!

C-ute DVD Magazine Vol 60! The one where C-ute magically disappear (sometime next summer).

Yes it’s time for a picspam review of one of the DVD mags that accompanied their Cmaj9 tour. This is a fun mag as it’s all about magic. I’m going to try and do the whole review without resorting to British tv magician catchphrases such as ” You’ll like this. Not a lot but you’ll like it” or “now that’s magic” or “Call the ambulance. There’s been an almighty fuck up”. Okay not that last one.

So it starts with C-ute split into two. Okay now that’s magic. Damn. Knew I’d fail. Continuing regardless I’ll explain. There’ll be two groups. The dream team of Nacky and Airi and the dream idol Maimi with Chissa and Kif. Both get some training from magicians…

c-ute-dvd-magazine-vol-60-mp4_snapshot_04-52_2016-10-09_15-03-00 c-ute-dvd-magazine-vol-60-mp4_snapshot_05-14_2016-10-09_15-03-34

In practive the big dice trick is hilariously bad…

c-ute-dvd-magazine-vol-60-mp4_snapshot_06-51_2016-10-09_15-03-59 c-ute-dvd-magazine-vol-60-mp4_snapshot_07-10_2016-10-09_15-04-32 c-ute-dvd-magazine-vol-60-mp4_snapshot_07-43_2016-10-09_15-05-14 c-ute-dvd-magazine-vol-60-mp4_snapshot_07-56_2016-10-09_15-05-33

Yes the second dice is all clear. Now put it over the first that is suspiciously left at the back by the curtain then move both to the front…

c-ute-dvd-magazine-vol-60-mp4_snapshot_08-11_2016-10-09_15-05-54 c-ute-dvd-magazine-vol-60-mp4_snapshot_08-14_2016-10-09_15-06-33

Hmm…when moving them it’s almost as if there is something inside.



Chissa is a bit stuck. She’s comfortable in such a small space though even though Maimai is actually in there with her. Probably being so close to Maimai makes her want to stay in there anyway. Well she’d like to come out but not in that sense. Meanwhile I can confirm that there is no truth whatsoever to the rumour that her whole family have moved in there with her. Just because it’s more spacious than where they live now doesn’t mean they’d all just move there. Ther are considerations. Is there a fridge big enough for all the booze they’d need? Is there good wifi to get access to Chissa’s bank account and some good gambling sites? There are many factors you need to consider when planning a move.


Meanwhile the dream duo training continues. To be fair C-ute should be experts at disappearing tricks. After all it only took them about 5 seconds and they made Murakami Megumi totally vanish. Next summer I predict Maimai will vanish equally as successfully.


Anyway on with the show. First up the great idol and her beautiful assistant. That description works both ways around.


There’s some general magic stuff then they get Chissa on the stage for a cup in water cup turned over on head trick.


Can’t think how they did it…


Okay I’m being unfair for the sake of humour. One cup is drank like that to make it more surprising when the other one is empty.

There then follows a card trick where Maimi is called onto the stage. To be honest they missed a trick here (no pun intended). They should have used C-ute collection cards. That way the only wrong card is Chissa’s. Too harsh? Probably. I regret nothing though.


Now for the moment you’ve all been waiting for. It’s time to put a sword through Maimai’s throat. Well H!P vocal coaches have tried everything else to improve her voice. Desperate times…

c-ute-dvd-magazine-vol-60-mp4_snapshot_20-17_2016-10-09_15-14-17 c-ute-dvd-magazine-vol-60-mp4_snapshot_20-24_2016-10-09_15-14-27 c-ute-dvd-magazine-vol-60-mp4_snapshot_20-49_2016-10-09_15-14-31 c-ute-dvd-magazine-vol-60-mp4_snapshot_21-34_2016-10-09_15-14-36 c-ute-dvd-magazine-vol-60-mp4_snapshot_21-54_2016-10-09_15-14-44 c-ute-dvd-magazine-vol-60-mp4_snapshot_22-13_2016-10-09_15-14-49 c-ute-dvd-magazine-vol-60-mp4_snapshot_22-24_2016-10-09_15-15-01

Next up it’s Maimi and co…

c-ute-dvd-magazine-vol-60-mp4_snapshot_23-46_2016-10-09_15-15-26 c-ute-dvd-magazine-vol-60-mp4_snapshot_23-50_2016-10-09_15-15-33 c-ute-dvd-magazine-vol-60-mp4_snapshot_23-54_2016-10-09_15-15-39

They definitely gave Nacky and Airi the best outfits.

First up the dice trick. Will it be more successful in front of an audience? No. No it won’t…

c-ute-dvd-magazine-vol-60-mp4_snapshot_25-00_2016-10-09_15-16-02 c-ute-dvd-magazine-vol-60-mp4_snapshot_25-11_2016-10-09_15-16-17

Umm…there is clearly a huge gap at the back. I wonder if Nacky and Airi noticed?




Meanwhile you can see the curtain moving a lot. And the dice. Still now place the second dice over the fi…no wait they aren’t in yet…wait…pause…


Show the dice some more…


Now put the second dice over the first. Then drag the…actually just leave it there.



c-ute-dvd-magazine-vol-60-mp4_snapshot_26-12_2016-10-09_15-17-35 c-ute-dvd-magazine-vol-60-mp4_snapshot_26-15_2016-10-09_15-17-42

That’s tragic…I mean magic!

Next up Maimai jigs around the stage a bit waiting for Chissa…


Enter Chissa. Now you see her…


Oops. Now you don’t.

c-ute-dvd-magazine-vol-60-mp4_snapshot_26-44_2016-10-09_15-18-56c-ute-dvd-magazine-vol-60-mp4_snapshot_26-46_2016-10-09_15-19-02 c-ute-dvd-magazine-vol-60-mp4_snapshot_26-51_2016-10-09_15-18-22

Now she’s back and she has a red rose and a handkerchief.


Simpley place the handkerchief over the rose and grip the top really tightly. Like really grab it. Honestly nobody will notice…

c-ute-dvd-magazine-vol-60-mp4_snapshot_27-02_2016-10-09_15-19-29 c-ute-dvd-magazine-vol-60-mp4_snapshot_27-07_2016-10-09_15-19-55

And then as if by magic the rose is now white.

c-ute-dvd-magazine-vol-60-mp4_snapshot_27-09_2016-10-09_15-20-05 c-ute-dvd-magazine-vol-60-mp4_snapshot_27-11_2016-10-09_15-20-10

And that’s magic. Not sure Chissa agrees…


But there’s still some earlier behind the scenes stuff from their training. The highlight of which is Airi’s expression when the sword trick is performed on her…

 c-ute-dvd-magazine-vol-60-mp4_snapshot_34-40_2016-10-09_15-36-17 c-ute-dvd-magazine-vol-60-mp4_snapshot_35-38_2016-10-09_15-36-37

Nacky can’t watch…


Nacky can’t not watch…


Well Airi has that affect on a lot of people.

c-ute-dvd-magazine-vol-60-mp4_snapshot_36-04_2016-10-09_15-38-05 c-ute-dvd-magazine-vol-60-mp4_snapshot_36-04_2016-10-09_15-38-09 c-ute-dvd-magazine-vol-60-mp4_snapshot_36-06_2016-10-09_15-38-16 c-ute-dvd-magazine-vol-60-mp4_snapshot_36-12_2016-10-09_15-38-25

Airi is always so wonderfully goofy. It’s impossible not to be won over by her.

Nacky’s turn…

c-ute-dvd-magazine-vol-60-mp4_snapshot_55-46_2016-10-09_15-40-39 c-ute-dvd-magazine-vol-60-mp4_snapshot_55-55_2016-10-09_15-40-52 c-ute-dvd-magazine-vol-60-mp4_snapshot_55-57_2016-10-09_16-28-03 c-ute-dvd-magazine-vol-60-mp4_snapshot_56-00_2016-10-09_16-28-14

That’s not how you prepare a fish.

No idols were harmed in the making of this DVD Magazine. Some idol reputations were, sure, but no actual idols.

Chissa eventually moved with her faily to a small closet in Tokyo. She liked the idea of coming out the closet every day. Maimai’s voice never improved and sadly she was shot by duck hunters while practising her singing in a field. Maimi left C-ute and became a succesful actress specialising in parts such as the hot strangely older looking schoolgirl, the hot ass-kicking Chinese assassin or the hot Chinese assassin schoolgirl who looks strangely older. Airi continued being a total dork. She was still in Buono though so with Momochi being completely batshit insane and Miyabi being a talking horse nobody actually noticed. Airi was always therefore known as the cute one. Nacky left showbusiness and tried her luck in a different field. Well not field…sea. Next time you are on a boat keep a lookout. You never know. You could see the rare Nakabreema. Finally the body of Murakami Megumi was never found. Police are also looking into the whereabouts of Arihara Kanna and Umeda Erika.

All in all this was a fun DVD. It’s always good to see idols having fun and actually doing stuff. DVD Mags fare better in that respect than solo idol DVDs (pause, turn slowly, look into the camera, say nothing, keep looking. Feeling uncomfortable yet? That’s okay. Keep looking. Pause, look some more, half smile and slowly turn away). Also the idols doing magic thing is something very different to other fun things idols can do in these DVDs such as amusement parks or playing games. So it’s good that there is some creativity there. Most importantly though it’s great idols having fun and what’s not to like about that?



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