Hamaura Ayano First PB Pics

Because you can never have too much awesomeness and cuteness here is a selection of pics from Hamachan’s first pb. This post is rated ten “N”s out of ten in the “HNNNNNNNNNNG” scale.


Such a cute, happy pose. Not sure I’d recommend going near that ice cream van though. It looks a bit kidnappy.




Insert Mitsui photobombing joke here.

image010 image017

A relaxing at home type picture. Those type of pics give the viewer a litle taste of lazy days with the idol. Calm and cute.


Oi! You can’t come round here with a hoodie on you young hoodlum. Take it off!

image019 image020

That’s better! ^^

image022 image023 image024 image025 image029 image030

I think that last set is my favourite. It gives an impression of summer poolside days. Hamachan looks so happy which is what I like in pb pics. She also looks, as is usual, damn cute.

image036 image038 image039 image040 image042 image043 image044

Lots more cute lazy day type stuff there. The soft pastel colours work really well.

And now for something completely different…

image046image050 image049image053

Hamachan does elegant and it suits her. I guess that’s another good thing with pbs. The chance to see an idol in different settings and trying different styles.

image054 image056 image058 image059 image060 image061

Did I say the poolsode set was my favourite? It’s a close thing. The energy in these pics makes me change my mind. A fun day at the beach it is then! Doesn’t it make you feel all happy and positive? The best idols can have that affect. The ability to give such positive emotions just through their being.

image063 image064 image065 image071

And to finish we have the obligatory first pb school uniform pics. Can’t have a first pb without them.

Well with C-ute splitting next year Hamachan will be my clear fave in H!P. It’s great to see her getting a pb already. It’s a lovely book and I hope it’s the first of many. I’d like to see solo dvds too although with an idol with as much personality as Hamachan I’d like something a bit more interesting than the usual image stuff.

I really do see Kobushi Factory as C-ute’s natural replacements in H!P. There’s some great members and some great songs already. In Ayano they have a real star I think. Her personality really stands out so strongly. This in a group full of bright and lively girls says a lot. Here’s to many years of Hamachan and Kobushi greatness!


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