C-ute to disband?

A paper in Japan has said that C-ute will be finishing their activities next June with a final concert in Saitama Super Arena. If true this is something that I guess we all knew would happen eventually. After all Berryz started not that long before them and disbanded quite a while ago. Even so its such a shame. For me they have been the best group in Hello! Project for so many years. Great music, great personalities and a great bond between the members and with the fans. I really hoped they could somehow transcend the idol world and carry on with Up-Front one day.  Sadly it seems it may not be the case. According to a translation on the 910 per cent Facebook page  Maimi wants to be an actress as does Airi while Nacky wants to be a travel reporter and Chissa will continue her variety show work. Maimai is returning to the mothership (or working outside of the entertainment industry anyway).

I love idols and will continue to support H!P after C-ute have left. I still like Momusu and Kobushi Factory are great so there’s plenty to like still. Even so C-ute are such a powerful group. Their loss will be felt. I was watching lots of their PVs the other day and found myself thinking (for about the millionth time) just how good they have always been. They are leaving behind a great body of work. I think rather than being sad it’s best to be happy. Happy for all the great music and entertainment they have given. Happy for the fact that we got to watch these inspiring, talented girls light up the many stages. Also we should be happy they got to achieve so much. I remember when Dance de Bakoon was released I was thinking how brilliant it was. It only sold just over 20,000 copies in it’s first week yet I was happy with that because at least it was a bit more than Shock had sold. Think about the recent releases and Arigatou ~Mugen no Yell~/Arashi wo Okosunda Exciting Fight! sold over 70,000 (69,000 in it’s first week). Since Bakoon was released they have also played Budokan several times, have played in many different countries including twice in Paris and they will finish with a big bang at Saitama Super arena. C-ute had to wait a while but they finally started getting the recognition they deserve and I think they will finish feeling loved and appreciated by so many people all around the world. What a great way to finish one stage of life and start the next. All that love. All those good wishes.

So it may be goodbye next year. But if so we still have a good nine or ten months to continue appreciating C-ute. I’m sure in that time there’ll be more releases, more concerts and plenty of opportunities to enjoy them individually and as a group. Then when the time comes we will say goodbye and good luck with so many happy memories behind us. It will be sad to see them go but when I think of C-ute I want to be happy because that seems the most fitting tribute.

Hello! Project will continue without C-ute and will continue to be strong but it will never have another group as unique. C-ute saikou!

C ute, Hagiwara Mai, Nakajima Saki, Okai Chisato, Suzuki Airi, Yajima Maimi-644168

C-ute. Being awesome as always.


5 responses to “C-ute to disband?

  1. I’m sorry, man.

    This is the end of the good old H!P (for me current MM is like a different group), no Berryz, no C-ute, no Tsunku, no Sayu and Momochi is all we have left… ¡the fucking apocalypsis!.

    Seriously now, we still have Kobushi, Angerme, Country Girls (although without Manakan T_T), the Buono revival and Ayacho is still with us. But sadly, without C-ute H¡P is less H!P.


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