Idol Goods Time

​Today was awesome. Yesterday was good too to be fair. Yesterday thanks to a friend who went on the ShimaShima fan club tour I got these lovely 2Ls…

And this collection pic that comes with a nice mini clearfile…

Plus sone L pics as a surprise gift…

Ah. Nacky! ❤ Thanks to Ryu for sending them. 🙂

Today was amazing though. Getting ex-Kenshuusei member Tanabe Nanami’s debut release with new group OnePixcel was nice…

But then came Hamaura Ayano’s photobook which I’d ordered on E-LineUP…

Yes it’s personalised! Hamachan wrote my name accompanied by her signature. This is the first time I’ve been lucky with one of the autograph lotteries. I’m so happy. Seeing as it’s one of my favourite idols of all it’s extra special. This will be treasured! I almost don’t want to touch the pb now!

I have to say quite apart from the signature the book is lovely. So many happy and cute pictures. It’s well worth checking out if you get the chance.


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