Ishida Ayumi’s Third Photobook

It’s all aboard the Orca as we hunt down Bigger Boat’s third PB. Yes Ah Yummy has a long-awaited 3rd photobook “It’s My Turn” released at the end of June. Well you wait ages for a photobook to turn up and following Oda’s at the end of May and Hamachan’s in mid-June it pretty much is a case of three coming along at once.

Ayumi is to my mind the prettiest idol in Momusu right now. With a ravenous smile and a perky personality she really stands out. Her previous books have been beautiful affairs and I’m sure this one will have all the old seadogs queuing up for the chance to have their legs bitten off. Me first! Anyway I haven’t seen many previews yet. A shame really as I’d expect by now they’d be floating around like so many loose limbs. But here are two covers…

blog, Ishida Ayumi-633537 blog, Ishida Ayumi-633538

I prefer the first as smiley bitey is better than moody bitey. But whatever cover there is I’m sure this pb will be absolutely stunning. As proof here are a few pics from previous photobooks. Ah show me the way to go ho…

Ishida Ayumi, Photobook-463678Ishida Ayumi, Photobook-513285

SHARK! Sorry. Show me the way to go home. I’m tired and I want to go to bed…

Ishida Ayumi, Photobook-417047Ishida Ayumi, Photobook-417048

SHARK! Shark in a bed! Mmm. ^^

Ishida Ayumi, Photobook-357749

So tasty. Smothering with lashes of cream would be nice. Oh and the cake looks yummy too.

What? I was talking about the strawberries obviously. >.>

Ishida Ayumi, Photobook-374248

Ishida Ayumi, Photobook-418777 Ishida Ayumi, Photobook-419616

That looks like a fun pic but pity the original owner of the inflatable.

Ishida Ayumi, Photobook-429673 Ishida Ayumi, Photobook-429674 

BB naturally likes to cool down in the water whenever possible.

Ayumi really is incredibly photogenic and the fact that her personality is so lively and gives people such happy feels means that anything she gets to do solo will be worth seeing. Based on these previous photobook pics her next pb is going to be another bite of perfection. I can’t wait to see it!


One response to “Ishida Ayumi’s Third Photobook

  1. I definitely agree with you! Ayumi Ishida is most likely the prettiest Morning Musume member now! She is prettier than Sayumi Michishige and she is even cuter than her! I saw the photo shoot for Ayumi’s first photo book in Guam and she’s definitely got this outgoing kind of personality that turns me on! Ayumi combines massive cuteness with a great bikini body which only adds to her sex appeal! This website is so beautifully designed and it looks so clean. I bookmarked it and will return to this place soon! Check out my magazine style website over at I wrote about Ayumi Ishida there! Keep up the great work and you will go far!


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