Hamaura Ayano First PB Announced.

It’s been announced that a new Hello! Project related photobook is being released and this time it’s a debut pb for none other than Kobushi’s cutest and funniest member Hamachan. The link to the announcement is here. Even from just the bonus photos that come if you buy at E-LineUP or the Hello! Shop you can see it’s going to be a great pb. The release date is 4th June so we don’t even have to wait long! 🙂

Hamachan is a bright star in the making and it’s good to see her getting a pb. I was a little disappointed she didn’t get a solo greeting DVD but this more than makes up for it. Any solo work that helps raise her profile is a good thing and for us fans I’m sure this book will be full of really lovely pics. I’m looking forward to this release. Next up I hope for Nomura “Nomnom” Minami to get a similar release. ^^

Anyway here are the bonus photos you can get and the rather lovely front cover…

Hamaura Ayano-630788Hamaura Ayano-630787Hamaura Ayano-630786Hamaura Ayano-630782Hamaura Ayano-630783 Hamaura Ayano-630784 Hamaura Ayano-630785

Yes I think from tehse pics you can see the pb will be great!


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