Happy Birthday Hamachan!

It’s Hamster’s 16th birthday. My favourite in Kobushi Factory and an idol I’ve been rooting for since her trainee days. Now less than a year since Kobushi Factory debuted she’s already an idol with a number one single behind her. That feeling when a favourite idol is having success is sweet! And let’s face it with such cute looks, a really funny and bright personality and lots of talent her future is so bright. She is going to be a real big hitter in Hello! Project in the coming years. She has that perfect idol aura about her. The humour and happiness. The energy and excitement. The ability to immediately make you feel glee as soon as you see her. There are other idols I like in Kobushi -Minami is another I think very highly of – yet Hamachan has something a little extra special about her. Some indefinable quality. Watching her career will be a great pleasure. You can see how much she loves being an idol and all that happiness and energy she has and gives to others is something really glorious! Here’s to many more birthdays as an idol!

blog, Hamaura Ayano-622497Hamaura Ayano-622422Hamaura Ayano-579376 Hamaura Ayano-600205 Hamaura Ayano-600218 Hamaura Ayano-601051 Hamaura Ayano-609169 Hamaura Ayano-610553 Hamaura Ayano-619645blog, Hamaura Ayano, Taguchi Natsumi-622498

In the interests of decency I’m saying nothing. >.>

And to finish on some old pics…

Hamaura Ayano-197646 Hamaura Ayano-212616Hamaura Ayano-177204

Those pics were from five years ago. She was just 11. It makes you realise once again that these girls put a lot of time and effort into becoming idols. Hamachan waited four years to debut. Four years in the background working away, growing up and improving. During that time she really stood out to me in the Kenshuusei. I was so pleased when she debuted. I didn’t want another Nanami situation. Luckily it seems I’ll have many more years of seeing her stand out and on bigger and better stages. Life is good!



2 responses to “Happy Birthday Hamachan!

  1. For me hamachan is like a little Airi. She has the beauty, the personality and the artistic habilities to be one of the top members of HP.


    • Hamachan has a lot of talent and a very funny personality so she has a lot in common with Airi. I see Kobushi Factory as the next C-ute in a lot of ways. Great singles and some great members. A really bright and vibrant group.


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