Life is Step!

Every once in a while (or several times in a year) along comes a C-ute single that just makes me feel ALIIIIIIIVE. The last release failed in that respect for me but now…

There is nothing I don’t love about this song or the accompanying PV. The song just hooks itself into your head on first listen with the strength of a hook-handed serial killer in some crappy horror movie. Maybe one starring a young Jennifer Love Hewitt. Well I know what I’ll be doing this summer. Yes making up crap outdated references like this one…I mean listening to this song. It’s the perfect song for summer. Okay it’s here for spring and spring seems to be doing an impression of winter but nevertheless I feel like there’s bright sunshine all around, the birds are singing and the waves are lapping at the shore. I can take on the world and do anything with this song in my head. Isn’t that perfect C-ute? As for the PV don’t they all look absolutely stunning?

C-ute - [34] Jinsei wa STEP!.mp4_snapshot_00.31_[2016.04.16_01.15.08] C-ute - [34] Jinsei wa STEP!.mp4_snapshot_00.33_[2016.04.16_01.15.17] C-ute - [34] Jinsei wa STEP!.mp4_snapshot_00.46_[2016.04.16_01.15.57] C-ute - [34] Jinsei wa STEP!.mp4_snapshot_00.51_[2016.04.16_01.16.07]

C-ute - [34] Jinsei wa STEP!.mp4_snapshot_02.18_[2016.04.16_01.17.20]

All five are glowing.

C-ute - [34] Jinsei wa STEP!.mp4_snapshot_01.14_[2016.04.16_01.16.48]

C-ute - [34] Jinsei wa STEP!.mp4_snapshot_01.46_[2016.04.16_01.17.09]

And these outfits are so classy. I particularly like Nacky’s strappy dress. HNNNNNGGGGG!

C-ute - [34] Jinsei wa STEP!.mp4_snapshot_02.06_[2016.04.16_01.18.29]

Even in black and white Nacky just looks wonderful. Like some golden era film star.

C-ute - [34] Jinsei wa STEP!.mp4_snapshot_02.24_[2016.04.16_01.17.25]

Wise lyrics from our leader.

C-ute - [34] Jinsei wa STEP!.mp4_snapshot_03.12_[2016.04.16_01.17.43] C-ute - [34] Jinsei wa STEP!.mp4_snapshot_03.25_[2016.04.16_01.20.07]

Hey look there’s some steps. Because steps are mentioned in the song. So steps. Well there could be worse steps…

…I was going to put in a picture of crap 90’s British pop group Steps here but then I decided referencing a crap horror movie from that time is reference enough to the past. So back to the future…


Oh shush. I’m allowed at least two crap puns per post.

C-ute - [34] Jinsei wa STEP!.mp4_snapshot_03.33_[2016.04.16_01.17.56] C-ute - [34] Jinsei wa STEP!.mp4_snapshot_03.34_[2016.04.16_01.19.36]

C-ute are the perfect group for me. Momusu were my first love and got me into idols and I still like them but the feelings for C-ute are on a whole other level. There’s something so strong about them as a unit. There’s something so personal about them. Something so close. There is no weak link there. They are like sisters to each other and it feels like all the fans are part of the extended family. Maybe it’s that they have been together so long and have grown up together. Plus getting more popular after years of hard work probably helps with their bonds and helps us feel elated for them. It strengthens our support and our happiness for them. I feel kind of euphoric when I see them doing well.

I’m not sure what singles are released next Wednesday but I’d love C-ute to get the number one they so thoroughly deserve. Juice=Juice and Kobushi Factory have both had number ones selling less than C-ute do. I’m happy for them (especially Kobushi Factory) and that’s the luck of the draw anyway of course, but I would really love C-ute to have that moment too. That moment of recognition for how fantastic they have been, are being and will always be. Well I hope the single sells well anyway. It’s a triplet again and the other songs are okay too but it’s all about Jinsei wa STEP for me. I’ve ordered a copy. Here’s hoping it climbs those steps to the very top.

Okay three crap puns. I’m allowed three crap puns or references or pictures per post!


One response to “Life is Step!

  1. C-ute is definitely in-step with this A-side. I hope they don’t have a mishap. If that happens, we’l have to call in the Department of Silly Walks to save face.

    (This post was also a pleasant walk in the park, even with the “crap puns and references.”)

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