Cheerz…or Cheers

And on my blog’s 8th birthday some evidence that my fandom isn’t dying out.

Not sure how I’ve kept it up all year but I like rising to the challenge where idols are concerned. It’s been long and hard and sometimes I wondered if I should be doing it but the desire won out and in the end I think reaching this climax was enjoyable.
Yours in smut,
Morningtime. :p

Seriously though I haven’t blogged a lot lately but I’m still very much into idols. C-ute continue to charm, Kobushi Factory are really exciting, Momusu still have their moments, Angerme are improving, Country Girls are oddly weird and Tsubaki Factory are probably off crying somewhere. “But we don’t wanna go onstage”. Meanwhile away from Hello! Project Babymetal continue to be awesome although Sakura Gakuin have gone under my radar. Over the years I have had dalliances with MomoClo and Sakura Gakuin but it’s still H!P that provides most of my idol feels. H!P is special. So many great songs and so many great idols. I’ve been into H!P around 8 and a half years now and I can’t imagine not being into it. So thank you to all the awesome idols, writers and producers who have given so much pleasure. Oh and thank you to anyone who has commented here. The online idol community is the other source of pleasure. So many lovely people (and yeah some not so much but never mind). Here’s to many more years of idol goodness!


5 responses to “Cheerz…or Cheers

  1. You’re welcome and happy fanniversary!

    Eight years, huh? You’re already reaching veteran status. With the way things are going, it’ll you might be in for eight more years! (Tsunku head producing or not, I’m confident in the quality of the music and the idols that sing and dance to them.)


  2. Wow, eight years! Congratulations! Somehow, I’ve only realize that I’ve been into H!P for 7 years now… It’s amazing how much they make our lives lol ^^; Like you, I can’t also imagine being not into them!


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