Abe Natsumi Fin no Hito Photobook

Okay I’m a bit late with this one but I recently came across some Nacchi pics from her last photobook (released late 2015). Other than the fact Nacchi still looks great I was struck by some of the locations in the book. Especially seeing as those locations were ones very close to where I was living until late last year. Yes it should have been obvious by the name but I was still surprised when I saw that Nacchi had been to Finland to shoot her pb.


A Finnish train station.


Inside Helsinki’s central train station. I used to go through there every day.


A finnish tram in the background.


The port at Helsinki.


A Finnish landmark.


Old style Finnish housing.


Some more Finnish buildings in the background.


A Finnish kitchen. It’s hot in the kitchen.


A Finnish hotel room.


What’s that Nacchi? It’s hot in the hotel room too? you think you should take some clothes off?


It’s still hot? You think you should cool down by the window?


It’s no good you think you need a shower instead?



You need to just stay by the window in a bikini?

Actually you can see Finland out the window. Probably. I’m guessing. Can’t see the window to be honest.

What’s that Nacchi? You want to lie down again?


Whafsydujn Nacchi. Hygdhdnlkdd? Sorry. I seem to be having trouble speaking and managing this nosebleed at the same time.

Anyway this looks like a great pb. I mean wow. Shooting a pb in Europe and not just that but somewhere I was living at the time? That’s great. More than that though Nacchi looking drop dead gorgeous is a good indication of the greatness of the pb. ^^ She’s still got it!

It is rather lovely though that something like this was shot in Europe. Well Finland is often a stop-off point for tourists from Asia heading further into Europe. It’s also popular with Japanese Moomin fans (Moomins were Finnish originally. I’ve seen lots of them about but still haven’t tasted one. I reckon they’ll taste like beef). However I’d be surprised if it’s cost-effective unless she was here for other reasons too.

It would be great if the next time a H!P group came to Paris (or hey maybe England sometime) a member or two could get a pb done. I mean you may as well use the locations when you can. It’d be exotic for Japanese fans to see and massively squeeful for European fans. Well we can dream.

Hey I did the whole post without making an awful “I don’t know why it’s called Fin no Hito when there’s plenty of heat on the pages” joke. That probably counts as doing it though doesn’t it? Damn.


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