Tanabe Nanami’s OnePixcel

As you are probably aware I was always a big fan of Nanami so I was gutted when she left the Kenshuusei without debuting. Yet after just a short time she turned up on Twitter with a new unit called OnePixcel. They have a few videos up on Youtube including what seems to be a single. It’s called Umbrella and despite the fact that the vocals sound a bit too autotuned or something it’s actually a really good song.

I’m really happy to see her performing again. The rest of the group all seem interesting and cute on initial impressions too. I hope the group have some success. I’d love to be able to see Nanami having a good career after all the work she has already put in. The group all have individual Twitter accounts plus there’s a group one here and a Youtube channel so they are definitely using social media to good effect. Please consider following/subscribing if you like them.


I’m really looking forward to hearing more from them. There’s one or two non-H!P groups springing up that interest me including Rei Kuromiya’s Brats and that’s exciting. So much potential out there. But with Nanami I am massively biased and there’s a really good vibe to this group. I have my fingers crossed for them. 🙂


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