January Goods

This week I had two deliveries from Japan thanks to Nozomi at Anything About Japan. I’d made two Hello Shop orders and both arrived within a few days of each other. The first package had this nice Nacky clearfile and pic…


I don’t usually buy clearfiles but I liked the pic so much.
The main reason for the order though was the chance to finally fulfill a wish I’d had for years. To own a life-sized Nacky good. Tapestry time!

Nacky just resting in the spare room.

This is a really nice item to have. There’s something so enjoyable in a life size item. Standing in front of it brings back memories of the handshake sessions in Paris. I just hope I can find somewhere to hang it when I’m back home.

The second order was a big one including some Country Girls and Riho photos for my wife…


It also included four Hello Shop polaroids as you get polaroids when you spend over a certain amount. I was very lucky to get a Hamachan one.


I also got this cute Hamachan L set…


And this Nacky set…


I love that middle pic especially but they are all cute.
I also got these 2L group sets…


Such fun poses.
One thing I love buying is collection pics. Recently Hello Shop have done sealed photo sleeves that come with two random photos. I ordered four. Some photos are special member colour ones. I didn’t have too much luck with the members though..


These I’m happy with. Ozeki Mai is great and it’s a rarer colour pic too. I also like Kobushi’s Natsumi. She seems like a sweet and fun young idol. She is someone I’m looking forward to seeing more of.


I genuinely had no idea about the girl on the left. I had to ask who it was. When I know Whatserfingy better than another idol it’s really coming to something. Then it turned out it’s Kudo looking so unlike Kuu that it’s still making my eyes hurt now.


Kanon and err…wait…whoever. ><

Another rare colour pic which is nice even if I’m not a huge Yuka fan and then the second pic again I had no idea at all. It’s fun buying random goods but I’m pretty sure you should know who you have got after unsealing them. Again it turned out to be a Momusu member. What’s going on? Have I suddenly got Momusu Alzheimers? To be fair though Makino Maria is the one I’d know least from 12th gen anyway.

I think I’ll be offloading most of these random pics except the first two but it’s still fun to buy these things and I’d certainly do it again. Plus I got lucky with one of the polaroids so I’m happy anyway. I’m not sure when the next order will be but I’m certain I’ll be going for some more collection photos. All in all it’s two parcels full of great idol goods.


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