Mano Erina Escalation Photobook

Recently the criminally underrated Mano Erina released another photobook. It’s good that, despite graduating from H!P and moving further into acting, she still does photobooks and indeed concerts. And one thing you can’t deny about her pbs is that they certainly leave an impression. Normally an impression that someone just had a massive nosebleed all over the floor.

Anyway her latest pb is on the tracker at H!O and I thought I’d picspam a little mainly because I was blown away by it. Enjoy (then have a cold shower and a lie down)…


Well escalation means things going up so I can say things have definitely escalated quickly. I mean Mano’s beauty has lifted my spirits. What did you think I meant?

image014 image019-20

Mano certainly knows how to pose in an alluring way.

image022 image045-046 image051 image054

When I saw that pic I thought the next one was going to be recreating a famous poster.

image056 image059-060

The Mano eating pic is probably my favourite. She looks incredible and I want to be a burger! I really don’t get why Mano didn’t seem as popular as the other H!P idols at least amongst western fans. She had some great songs, a fun personality and really beautiful looks. She had and still has everything you’d want in a performer.

image061 image062 image074

I think it’s in every contract Mano signs for her pbs that she has to have a bath shoot followed by a bed shoot. Well if it ain’t broke…

image078 image080 image082-083 image087

I need a tissue.


I meant I need a tissue for a nosebleed! If you thought anything else that’s you not me. 😛

image093 image094 image097

That’s a gorgeous dress.

image111 image113 image114-115

Can I get a “HNNNGGGGGGG”?

That’s one heck of a pb. It’s got some great outfits and her poses stop you in your tracks. I haven’t even posted any bikini pics because frankly who needs them. They are actually kind of boring compared to the outfits, settings and poses above. the only pic I don’t like is…


I don’t know. It’s just a bit too obvious. If you are going to show just one part of the body at least make it the face. That aside though this is probably one of the best pbs I’ve seen. Made all the better for it being from an idol who is no longer really an idol but who is still very much around and who was damn awesome in H!P.

It’s great that Mano is still going strong. She’s doing a lot of acting and is still doing concerts from time to time. I wish she’d do some more music though. She had some really high quality albums. Three albums just wasn’t enough. I still think that one day she may return to recording music though. I don’t see any reason why she couldn’t release stuff through Up-Front. Fingers crossed…


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