Pics Round-Up

Yes it’s pics and comments time. It never gets old. Oi! Don’t look at me like that! Would I lie to you? Of course I wouldn’t. As a trusted member of the Hello! Project backstage staff with special responsibility for the changing room areas I am a man of good standing. Well okay an ex-trusted member of staff. Look there was a slight misunderstanding over the contract that’s all. They swore blind there wasn’t one and that anyway Pantie Inspector isn’t a proper job whereas I disagreed strongly. I mean how can idols perform well on stage if their undergarments aren’t kept in tip top condition and end up chafing or something? The court case is on Wednesday. Wish me luck.

Anyway first up Maasa reacts strongly to the suggestion Berryz could reform one day…

Sudou Maasa-602517

NOOOOOOO! You will never take my freedom!

The testing people’s minds for dirtiness photo of the year winner is announced…


Well that’s confirmed it then. Morningtime is filthy! But then you probably knew that already. Unless you just stumbled upon this blog today by accident in which case I apologise. Now run away. Run you poor innocents. Run and don’t look back!

Talking of C-ute members and sex (we were. Don’t lie) I think the C-ute hiatus clock is ticking…


Either Maimi is broody or else she’s gonna end up a crazy dog lady with about ten dogs. Well it’s better than being a cat lady. Dogs are way more awesome than cats. Well except for in Momusu. Reina was way better than Mitsui.




Oops. I apologise for the problems on this blog. It appears Gremlins got into the account.


blog, Iikubo Haruna, Kudo Haruka-602677

Oh it’s okay. Haruna will impale them on her phone. Also what’s starred out on Haruka’s phone? Perhaps she nodded off looking at pics of Juice=Juice members?

I’m a bit worried about Takechan. Meimi is definitely getting a little too close…


Oh sure it starts with the cheek but then she goes down. I mean to the neck! Now stop making up your own dirty thoughts. You’ll put me out of a job. Okay again the H!P management disagree that Perverted Comments Instructor was ever a job in the first place but who do you think taught Sayu all she knew?

Takechan does seem quite popular though…



To be fair I’d like to while away an hour or so kissing her cheek. I’d even bring along some red wine. Well red wine sauce and some spring rolls.

It’s time for the new H!P game. Which diminutive sea-dwelling H!P idol resides within?



I want to shop at Idolkea. Ahahaha. >.>

Following reports that Chisato’s parents blew all her money on booze and gambling Chissa decides to take matters into her own hands…


“If anyone is blowing my money on the high life it’s gonna be me!”

Meanwhile at Fukuda Kanon’s graduation Nacky was clearly aware that the great unwashed would be in attendance…


Because if there’s one thing you definitely don’t want it’s unwashed Berryz. Who knows what you could catch.

And the award for hanging around with the best non-H!P idol goes to…

blog, Iikubo Haruna-602230

That Haruna. What she lacks in photobooks she makes up for in taste!

Kobushi Factory do their bit to encourage men to have a good testicular health regime…


And finally the answer to the spot the sea-dwelling H!P idol teaser…



More random nonsense next time. Possibly.


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