December Purchases

Time for another goods round-up post. This month had been very stressful due to family health issues but this was also a month I had money spare and so I indulged in a bit of stress-relief shopping. Seriously it was very over the top this month, but worth it. First up I received C-ute’s desktop calendar which looks lovely. Also a copy of Girlpop magazine as it has a great Maimi & Nacky shoot. Girlpop is always good due to the range of groups covered. There’ll always be someone you like. This issue also features Sakura Gakuin and Angerme for instance. Thirdly I got a Kobushi photoset.

wp-1450579622127.jpg wp-1450579633638.jpg wp-1450579640377.jpg wp-1450579644344.jpg wp-1450579652903.jpg wp-1450579657598.jpg

Next up I got Hamachan’s first tour shirt through the always helpful Nozomi at
I’m not overly keen on pink so this was perfect. 😀 It’s wearable day to day without standing out too much.


I also got this lovely Kobushi Factory L set at the same time. It’s the outfits from their first dvd magazine which I posted about recently.



Then I got some collection photos.


The Kobushi one was Sakurako and the C-ute ones were Maimi and Maimai.


Next up some Live Babymetal. The live in London dvd with two live shows then a limited edition cd/dvd with the red night Budokan show. Both these goods were bought in a HMV in England. Gotta love how popular Babymetal have become. If only some Hello! Project groups could become as big.


After what seemed a long wait Ladybaby’s Nippon Manju finally came along with C-ute’s last single and Maeda Yuuka’s gorgeous second pb. All ordered separately several weeks apart and all coming the same day.


The C-ute single came with a postcard plus inside the sleeve a random member card. I got Chisato. I’d have preferred Nacky or Maimi or Airi or Maimai but Chisato would definitely have been next on the list. >.> Well I do like her too so it’s all good.

As for the Yuukarin pb it is of course a thing of beauty and is the perfect item to go into a new year with. She warms the cockles of the soul. Another year starting and I have the energy to take it on. Thanks Yuuka. Now please come back!

Finally on New Year’s Eve just a day after that last package arrived the postman rang twice (okay it was two different postmen actually) and I received Ayumi’s gorgeous second pb, a Shokotan book I was eyeing up in Paris last year but didn’t want to sell a kidney to afford and an Up To Boy spin-off magazine that was full of Kudo, Rikako and even some Hamachan.

wp-1451646601384.jpg wp-1451646656578.jpg wp-1451646662080.jpg wp-1451646666436.jpg wp-1451646670331.jpg wp-1451646673572.jpg

Add to that these Nacky pictures off my wife for Christmas and lots of Polish chocolates from Nyuchandesu and the postman was very busy. Oh and tip: Halva is a mixture of sawdust and sand. It’s not supposed to be eaten. It’s supposed to be used as a flood defence. The other stuff was nice though!

wp-1451646890689.jpg wp-1451646901596.jpg

To be honest most things came close together after Christmas which was a bit overwhelming. But they did the job. I supported many favourite idols, have lots of happy hours entertainment to come and I was reminded at a difficult time of the joy idols can bring. That life force, that positive energy. It reminds you that life is to be lived. There are sad times but there are happy times too and it’s those happy times you are striding towards. Idols are perfect for reminding you of that. So yes job done. Thank you oh great entertainers of the mind and nourishers of the soul. ❤ Here’s to 2016. Another great year for idol entertainers and hopefully a great year for everyone reading this. Happy New Year!


2 responses to “December Purchases

  1. Wow, amazing purchases you’ve got there! I wonder if Hama-chan was trying Airi’s exercises from her style book. Maimi and Nacky look awesome together. I’m not into H!P fanfiction but if I was…damn… I love checking Japanese magazines. I’ve got Kyaru and I can watch it every day.


    • I think Hamachan was doing Airi’s exercises. At least that’s what I presumed.

      Yeah Maimi and Nacky are a million fanfics waiting to happen. They seem to go so well together in photoshoots.

      I like Japanese magazines too. Girlpop is always so good for both the variety of artists covered and for the photoshoots themselves!


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