H!P Best Best Singles Poll 2015

Yes it’s time for the annual poll to decide your favourite Hello! Project single of the year. Previous winners have…always been Momusu. Will this year be different? It’s been the year of new groups. Country Girls, Kobushi Factory and Tsubaki Factory all came on the scene and there were new members for Momusu and S/mileage. That leaves the only unchanged groups throughout 2015 as C-ute and Juice=Juice. Will Juice=Juice do well on the poll just because they only had one release this year (yes really. I know. I thought they’d had more too)? With only one release there’s less choice so less splitting of the fan vote.  Or will C-ute’s best first week sales help one of their two wrestling cheer songs weightlift itself to the top? They have had a song in the top three for the past four years so another strong showing could be on the cards. Then again will one of the new groups burst onto the poll and take the glory? Momoko’s slightly toned down Country Girls persona could help lift them to debut glory or else the power of Kobushi’s super genki eight members could prove irresistible. Then again maybe a mix of old and new could be the key? Angerme’s new name and line up seems to be doing well. Maybe this is their year? Or will it just be Momusu again? My money is on the latter but we’ll see.

As usual I’m after the best song that would be considered a single. So triple A sides are counted as three. Songs that would be considered coupling tracks aren’t included. So if there’s a pv it’s probably included. Oh and there’s a special prize of “my respect” for the first person to point out which song or songs I missed off the poll. I don’t know if I did miss any out but every bloody year I seem to. Anyway happy voting. You only get one vote so use it wisely…


If you are interested in seeing the previous winners the results are here for 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010 and 2009.


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