Just a short evil post

First up what could I possibly mean?


Air_New_Zealand_Boeing_747_400_departs_Christchurch NnF0oZc3happy-dog-runningimagescountry-morning-sunrise-kimberly-camachogiphy-facebook_sburlap_gift_sackTER-Union-Canal

Meanwhile C-ute have answered this Pocket Morning question. I’ve translated the translation for better accuracy…


Talking of C-ute Maimi recently finished a very important project she’d been working on…


Just the last touch of glue and at last her fully poseable Nacky love doll is complete. For those lonely nights when Nacky is off promoting strawberries.

Next it’s the return of the popular* seperated at birth feature. This time…


Anne Ikuta and Erina Robinson. I think if H!P ever decide to do some kind of talent show where people are voted off Eripon has the right look to host it. “You are the weakest idol. Goodbye”. *evil smirk*

*Popularity not shown actual size.

Have you ever wondered what Junjun’s dreams would look like if she was still in Morning Musume? Yes of course you have. Who hasn’t? Well wonder no more because someone has finally come up with the answer…


Yeah pretty much that.

And to finish…


You can make your own joke up!

Told you this post was short and evil.


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