30 Days of Hello! Project Challenge

Many years ago on my old blog I made a 30 days challenge post. Recently a new 30 days challenge has been doing the rounds so as it’s a chance to see where my current interests lie I thought I’d give it a go. This time rather than posting each day to Facebook then collating them all here I’m just going to jump right in and do the whole thing at once. There are some new questions and of course many new idols now. While a lot of the idols I chose for current questions back then have now gone to the great idol backstage area in the sky (well to Up-Front proper, China or a life of internet broadcasting and occasional tv appearances). So first up…

Day 1: Your favorite Idol?

No surprise here. It’s Nakajima Saki.

Magazine, Nakajima Saki-521910

Why? Well I could go on again about how impressed I am with her ability as a young girl to get on stage and perform despite being the quiet, shy type. I could talk about how she used to try and keep the peace between Chissa and Mai and was turned on by them (no wait…that sounds very wrong. I mean they’d turn on her and bully her for trying to act as peacekeeper). I could talk about how great it is watching her grow and improve. Her confidence growing as her dancing gets damn good and her voice improves. I could talk about how I just feel this bond, this connection due to her type of personality and the fact I feel I understand it. Or I could just make a joke. Mmm…I like Nacky most because I love fish! It’s healthy, it’s tasty and it’s a great catch. The Nackyblowfish is a delicacy to savour!

Day 2: The Idol you hate or dislike?

Hate is a stupid word when it comes to idols. None of them have murdered anybody (except Meimi obviously but she’s only doing what comes naturally). So it’s dislike then. Even that seems far too harsh a word even when describing Sato Masaki.

Sato Masaki-549143

Well I’d say her personality grates with me like her voice does and she gives me uncomfortable Kago Ai vibes. She’s just not my type of idol. That’s not to say I begrudge her being there though.

Day 3: If you are or were a boy who would be your girlfriend?

This is a tough one to answer. I can’t imagine what I’d be like if I were a boy instead of a figment of your imagination. A lot would depend on age. If I was younger I’d choose Hamachan because she’s so funny and cute. As I’m not though I’d choose Yajima Maimi because Maimi is amazing. Beautiful looks and a cool but fun personality makes her the ideal boy or girl friend.

Yajima Maimi-519922

Day 4: If the Idol was a boy, who would be your boyfriend?

Well I’m not that way inclined. I’d still go with Yajima Maimi though as if she were a boy she’d be one of those kind of attractive boys with slightly feminine looks like Johnny Depp. And of course she’d still have the great personality too. Let’s face it she’d be a charmer and a half!

Yajima Maimi-559643

Day 5: Favorite Group?

No surprises here. It’s Angerme. Oh okay it’s C-ute.

C ute, Hagiwara Mai, Nakajima Saki, Okai Chisato, Suzuki Airi, Yajima Maimi-559139

Have they ever done a bad single? Well yes but usually it’s just one half/third of a double/triple release and the other tracks are excellent. They’ve never had a bad release. From their very first single way back in May 2006 to their triple A-side release in April 2015 they’ve had 32 single releases and so many great tracks in amongst them. From Massara Blue Jeans through Tokaikko Junjou, Namida no Iro, Forever Love, Dance De Bakoon, Kiss Me Aishiteru, Momoiro Sparkling, Sekaichi Happy na Onna no Koi, Crazy Kanzen no Otona, Kanashiki Amefuri, Tokai no Hitorigurashi, I Miss You and so many more. Not to mention a lot of great album tracks (and H!P to be fair don’t tend to do great albums). Add to that the close-knit feel of the members, the way their different personalities all seem to go together so well – almost like a family – and you have a beautiul group. They’ve given me so much entertainment over the past seven years (I can date my fandom to the release of Forever Love) and I hope there’s a lot more still to come!

Day 6: Favorite Unit?

Okay this is a strange one to try and answer. I’m not sure what the current units even are so I’m going to cheat and say bring back Hi-Fin.


They were great. Nacky, Ayumi, Mai and Eripon went well together and you could easily replace Kanon with pretty much anyone really. Kaigan Seisou Danshi was a great song and had such a cute PV. We needed more from them!

Day 7: Favorite Couple?

Okay it may be a bit boring going to C-ute all the time for my answers but it’s Yajima Maimi and Nakajima Saki. What a classy couple!

Magazine, Nakajima Saki, Yajima Maimi-521397Magazine, Nakajima Saki, Yajima Maimi-521395 Magazine, Nakajima Saki, Yajima Maimi-521396 Magazine, Nakajima Saki, Yajima Maimi-521392

I don’t read fanfics but if I did then JimaJima fanfics would carry a ten tissues warning. >.> The maximum strength! A bit like finding five red jalapenos on the side of curry packaging. Hot hot hot!

Day 8: Your favorite voice?

I’m going to go with vocal talent here and say Suzuki Airi.

Photobook, Suzuki Airi-444485

IT’S HER VOICE I LIKE! Well okay not just her voice.

The girl can hold a note. Several notes in fact. Airi has been blessed with a grea singing voice but of course has also had to work at it too. It’s taken a lot of effort, a lot of training to get as good as she is even if she did have the talent even when she started out as a H!P trainee. It’s no good having the talent if you don’t develop it and develoliping it takes lots of hard work. And now we have a beautiful idol with an equally beautiful voice. Of course I like other types of voices too. Nacky isn’t a great singer but I still love the sound of her voice and the same can be said for many other idols too. Even so Airi has such impressive ability and is such a beautiful person too that it’s always a privilege to hear her.

Day 9: The voice you dislike?

Well it’s more talking than singing but Sato Masaki.

Sato Masaki-542886

Fingernails + blackboard equals Masaki. I can’t help it. She’s my Kryptonite.

Day 10: The idol you used to hate and now like?

I go back to my previous answer regarding hate being the wrong word but I used to not really take to Tamura Meimi at all whereas now I’d line up to be bitten by the cute evil little vamp.

Tamura Meimi-532819

ARRRRGHHHHH…I mean awwww cute!

She’s started to grow on me in the past half a year or so probably coinciding with S/milerme starting to not suck too. More exposure means I’ve had a chance to see how she’s changed in the past year. Her personality is still a fun one but it’s toned down enough now for me to be able to stand being in the same room as a tv showing her.

Day 11: Favorite °C-ute member?

Nakajima Saki because see answer to question one!


Day 12: Favorite Kobushi Factory member?

Hamaura Ayano because my god she’s got cuteness and personality in bucketfuls.

Hamaura Ayano-548308

She’s as cute as anyone, no actually she’s cuter than anyone, is really funny and when performing is someone you just feel drawn to. To have a certain something or rather a huge combination of somethings is very special. It’s not too often I find an idol I’m drawn to like that. The last idol to come along and win me over while still just an Egg was Nanami (cries) and before that Maeda Yuuka. Hamachan is a sparkling, energetic ball of feelgood energy in the guise of a supercute girl. Perfect idol material. I’m glad Tsunku agrees!

Day 13: Favorite Country Girls member?

This is a tough one as I haven’t really decided yet. I could see why Uta was popular though. I guess with her leaving it’s probably going to be Ozeki Mai just because she has this aura of energetic silly happiness. It kind of reminds me a bit of Sakura Gakuin ultra idol Horiuchi Marina. I do need to get into Country Girls more though to really get a handle on her and the other members.

Ozeki Mai-561503

Day 14: The idol with the best body?

Well I am not obsessed by body shape. There are many many idols who all look very different but equally good and healthy. I nearly chose Maimai as she has great hips but sometimes she seems to lose a lot of weight and ends up looking almost unhealthy. This is of course a subjective opinion and could just be more to do with certain outfits making her look different or something. However I have to admit a weakness for short idols. That being the case the idol that comes immediately to mind when looking to answer this question is Ishida Ayumi.

Ishida Ayumi, Photobook-429672

Ayumi has really shot up in my estimation in the past few months (no shorty pun intended). A great personality and a beautiful figure combine to make one heck of an idol. I really want to get her photobooks soon!

Day 15: Favorite Morning Musume member?

Well Suzuki Kanon is always up there due to being so bloody entertaining. Ishida Ayumi is pushing her hard though. It’s a tough choice. Kanon? Ayumi? Ayumi? Kanon? ARGGGHHHHH! Okay I’ll go with instinct and my instinct is to say Ishida Ayumi. Like Kanon she is always smiling and energetic and fun to watch. But remember how when answering the first question I said I like fish? Well I like sharks too!

Ishida Ayumi, Photobook-513086

Eat me!

Day 16: Favorite ANGERME member?

I do like Dracula more now and she’s probably even pushing Wada (probably by the throat) for the number two spot but my favourite is still Takeuchi Akari.

Magazine, Takeuchi Akari-557367

There’s something about her cute ducky face and her competitive tomboyish personality that really makes me admire her and root for her. Well okay its the personality that makes me admire and root for her. Her cute ducky face just makes me feel all huggy. But you know what I mean. She’s got a strong presence and with her uniquely attractive looks she’s very easy to warm to. I can’t say the same for Whatserface or Thingy.

Day 17: Favorite Juice=Juice member?

Miyamoto Karin.

Miyamoto Karin, Photobook-535384

I’m not a huge fan of the members really. I quite like some singles but as a group their personalities don’t really interest me. However Karin is undeniably cute and very easy to like. So Karin it is.

Day 18: The best actress?

Well this is a tough one. Meimi for pretending to be human? No because everyone knows she’s not. Masaki for pretending to be an idol? Maybe. Being honest though I’ve not seen any recent musicals so don’t have much to go on. So I’m just going to say Suzuki Airi because she’s been good in a few films such as Gomennasai.

Suzuki Airi-203970

Day 19: Who would you like to be for a day?

Suzuki Airi.

Photobook, Suzuki Airi-444469

For one day I’d have a great personality, a beautiful figure, I’d be loved by many people and I’d get to hang around the dressing room with Maimi and Nacky helping them change out of costumes and stuff without being arrested. Ohhhhh yeeeeaaaahhhhhh! ^^

Day 20: Your favorite “new” member (12kies, 3rd generation of S/mileage, Country girls and KoFa/TsuFa)?

I’m not sure what to count as new. Hamachan? Well I’ve liked her since her early trainee days so that doesn’t feel new. In which case I’ll choose someone I’ve not known about until they joined a group. So that’s either Nonaka Miki or Inoue Rei. I think I’ll choose Inoue Rei.

Inoue Rei-558291

So far I’ve found her my second favourite Kobushi Factory member. She seems pretty and charming and I’m more excited at finding out more about her than I am with any of the other new members.

Day 21: The idol you have the most respect for or admire?

Yajima Maimi.

Yajima Maimi-560143

Maimi seems to have a really cool, happy and slightly ditzy personality. Having met her a few times I have to say she is bloody amazing to meet. She has such a warm welcome for the fans and leaves a huge impression. Bare in mind she was meeting foreign fans with all the language barriers (and jet lag) that can bring and it’s even more impressive. She really focuses on each person and makes each encounter special for that person. Add to that the fact that she’s been working hard from such a young age and has always had this great persona and you get the impression of a young woman who has put so much into her career and done it all so beautifully. She is now the leader of H!P and with her warmth and her charm plus her hard work and perseverance I can’t think of a better example for younger idols to have (or anyone else for that matter). She’s also reassuringly human and has been known to forget lines and mess things up but that’s good too. Nobody is perfect but to be able to carry on and not fret is also a good example to set. Maimi is a huge presence in my day to day idol fandom. I’m sure she’s pretty big amongst C-ute members and other H!P idols too. She is someone quite special.

Day 22: Your favorite “fashionista”?

Well I’m not that interested in fashion even though I love seeing the idols own outfits and their work outfits too but I’ll say Iikubo Haruna as she always gives the impression that she’s a model. It seems to be part of her persona that she’s a fashion conscious girl and I like her persona so yes, her!

blog, Iikubo Haruna-556685

Day 23: Past H!P member you miss the most?

I should say Takahashi Ai as she is my favourite idol ever but she led Momusu and H!P and had a long career as an idol and plenty of exposure so instead I’ll say Junjun.

Li Chun, Junjun-154381

Junjun was always so funny. She had a big impact on tv shows and live MCs whenever she got the chance. Sadly Momusu wasn’t at a highpoint in popularity during her time and her voice wasn’t the greatest and in a lot of ways she was sidelined a bit. Yet give her a chance and there she was cracking presenters and audiences up. She was also bloody sexy too. I was pretty much as nervous meeting her as I was meeting Ai-chan. I can’t think of a bigger compliment. Junjun was awesome!

Day 24: Idol that is not one of your favorites but you think is really good.

Wada Ayaka.

Magazine, Wada Ayaka-497299

Ayaka is in a group that has for several years now not exactly been one of my favourites. Yet she is intelligent, likeable and hard-working. Mixing her idol work (which is damn hard work) with her studies. Not only that but she managed to put up with Meimi during her really irritating early period in the group and has welcomed in two new generations without quitting. What a girl!

Day 25: Past group you miss the most?

I’m tempted to answer with 4-nin S/mileage as they sort of don’t exist anymore. Buono and V-U-Den are also possible answers. Berryz Kobo aren’t. In the end I’m going to go with V-U-Den as they had some great singles (Jaja Uma Paradise and Nanni mo Iwazu ni I LOVE YOU especially) and had some great members. I still miss the biggest two members. But as well as Okada Yui there was also Rika and Miyoshi Erika. They were great live too especially if you like fan service. I could have answered 4-nin S/mileage because as well as missing Yuuka I miss that fun pop they used to do but at least now in H!P there seems to be some of that cute fun stuff coming back with Country Girls. Of course there’s mature style pop now from C-ute so in a way V-U-Den have a replacement but the three members had a unique type of fun interaction (probably called “nervously wary of Rika”) and very different personalities to anyone else in H!P. A very different style too.

Ishikawa Rika, Okada Yui, Miyoshi Erika, Biyuden-55882

Day 26: Idol with the best personality?

This is another tough one to answer. Maimi is damn cool, Airi is lovely, Nacky sweet and good-hearted and Ayumi and Suzuki Kanon both funny. I am going to go Yajima Maimi though for all the reasons I’ve already mentioned in other answers.

Yajima Maimi-540416

Day 27: Idol that you have special feelings for?

Nakajima Saki.

Nakajima Saki-561538

Well she’s my number one for a reason. If she was my daughter I’d be proud of her. If she was my maid I’d give her a raise (don’t say oo-er). She’s someone I have loved seeing for so many years now. Someone who has a special idol place in my heart. A beautiful heart and cute looks combine with an equally cute voice and a good sense of humour. All of which makes for a beautiful idol. She’s my type of person because I can relate to certain parts of her personality yet she’s also someone who does things that I could never imagine doing and who has grown up in a way I could never imagine having grown up. So she’s inspirational too. That’s my Nacky!

Day 28: Idol that brings you special memories of something or somebody?

Well all of C-ute remind me of great times at Japan Expo in Paris in 2013 and 2014. So I have to answer with Yajima Maimi, Nakajima Saki, Suzuki Airi, Okai Chisato and Hagiwara Mai.


It might be cheating but really all five members give me flashbacks of great times both years. Great concerts, great handshake events, charming and welcoming idols and meeting lots of other fans too, some after a gap of a year or two and some for the first time. Japan Expo can be such a great experience. So many happy people in one place. Getting to see your favourite group is a brilliant experience anyway. Getting to meet them too and share the occasion with other equally ecstatic fans is wonderful.

Day 29: Your favorite idol leader?

How many more times need I answer with Yajima Maimi? HOW MANY?

Magazine, Yajima Maimi-562738

Reason? Read my previous answers.

Day 30: The idol you’d like to go on a vacation with for a week?

Well Maimi would be too busy with keeping fit and I’d get no rest. Airi would be too distracting lazing around in a bikini looking hot while being funny. I think with Nakajima Saki though we’d go to interesting places that she could take photos of and we’d spend plenty of time just relaxing too so she seems the perfect choice. Well she is my favourite idol after all. Of course she’d be the perfect choice!


Nacky having a relaxing time.

So there you have it. A reflection of my current tastes. Mostly C-ute, Kobushi Factory and Ayumi admittedly. I make no apologies. They are all great.


3 responses to “30 Days of Hello! Project Challenge

  1. Nice choices! The favourite Country Girls member in particular. If you need someone to discuss Ozeki “and the others” with, you know who to turn to… ^^

    As for Maachan, yeah, her speaking voice is a bit squeaky, but please pay attention to her singing sometime, it’s very different and surprisingly good.

    Oh and Meimi, I almost chose her for the “dislike but now like”, but I went for Rikako instead because she’s more recent a case.


    • I’m interested to see more from Country Girls. With Kobushi Factory and Tobacco Factory coming along too it’s an interesting time.

      Even if her singing is good Masaki’s personality is not my type. She shreds my nerves!

      I’ve warmed to Rikako too. She seems so happy and lively.


      • Yeah, my first impression of Rikako was that she’s overdoing everything, but now that I’m used to her, I’d say she’s doing it right. I mean she does stand out.


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