Hello! Project Digital Books Vol.132 – Nacky Returns

So it seems idol digital PBs are like buses. You wait ages for one then…yes just one volume after Nacky’s first digital photobook comes her second. Therefore I can’t not picspam. To not picspam would be a bit like winning the lottery and not bothering to give anyone else any money. After all as a Nacky wota it’s my duty to share the love whenever possible. So feel your heart fill with love as you peruse the rest of this post…

14 15 17 18 19

Nacky seems to love photography. It’s something she’s blogged about, there was a book she took photos for (which I can’t remember the title of now but it was maybe connected to the Satayama stuff? Anyway it was her photographing other H!P members) and even in the PV for Kokoro no Sakebi wo Uta ni Shitemita there’s a clip where she’s holding a camera. So seeing her with a camera here feels a bit like seeing something personal. A glimpse of the private side of Nacky. Also she looks really good in an interesting environment, looking happy and wearing a nice outfit. Perfect pics! 😀

2 4 1618 19

I have to say that bikinis don’t interest me all that much. Shocking I know. I prefer more clothes than less as I like seeing idols in more everyday wear or else in something unusual but eye-catching. Even so I don’t see anything wrong with bikinis at all and it’s always nice to see Nacky around her natural environment. This is one fish that suits being out of the water too though. But an afternoon swimming with Nacky would look like this and it would be a very nice afternoon indeed.

4 5 10

For some reason though I don’t like these pics as much. Nacky doesn’t look that happy and frankly it looks cold there. It’s another set of photos in the very long list of H!P idols freezing to death for a photobook. If the weather and surroundings aren’t right don’t do it!

8 9 10 11 20

More bikini pictures and this time the bikini is kind of not that attractive but Nacky’s big smile and her energy more than makes up for that. H!P photobooks can always benefit from some goofing around.

23 4 5 6

Yet another bikini and this time it’s a more sultry look. Well I can’t deny Nacky looks alluring here and it is the perfect type of bikini if you want to do sexy. These pics are smoking. Yes this is very much smoked fish. >.>

9 15 17 18 19 20 21 23 26

And finally some great pics of Nacky out at night. Nacky by the river (longing for home?) and Nacky under the street lights. This is what an evening out with Nacky would look like. ^^ The same outfit as in the first set of pics (cheapskates) this time complimented with a cardigan. Just everyday Nacky and all the more beautiful for it.

I’d like to have seen a few more outfits here. The pics were very bikini-heavy but even so there’s some lovely pics in here. Besides I’m not one of the “disgusting bikinis” types so I’ve no problem with them anyway. I do like the everyday style pics the most though. The best photobooks either go totally into fantasy (Sayu’s Sayuminglandoll or Nacky’s W Saki for instance) or else show off what a day with the idol would be like. I think a day with an idol in Hawaii would probably involve beachwear for sure but a cold day somewhere in Japan? Brr. At least the swimming pool made sense. But not to be too negative. I’m super happy to get a second serving of Nacky and so soon after the first too. And there are plenty of shots in here that capture the heart and mind perfectly. Now I’m just hoping for some unseen photos from her other photobook shoots as well. Well you never know your luck. 🙂


5 responses to “Hello! Project Digital Books Vol.132 – Nacky Returns

  1. I agree with you on the bikini shots. Well, in general I probably like them a little more than you do, but I definitely prefer the sunny and happy bikini shots. That’s what bikinis are best suited for, having fun at the beach! For the sexy/mature/serious shots I really wish they’d just stick to dresses and sleepwear and such. Otherwise it just looks like the idol is cold and bored, waiting for the sun to come out.

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