Kobushi Factory Major Label Debut Announced

It’s been announced that Hamachan Factory will make their major label debut during autumn 2015. Their first single will be “Dosukoi! Kenkyo ni Daitan / Ramen Daisuki Koizumi-san no Uta / Nen ni wa nen (Nen’iri Ver.) I’m really happy at this news. As a big fan of both Hamachan and their debut indies single this news is just what I’ve been waiting for.  

It’s been an interesting week for H!P. The brilliant C-ute celebrated their tenth anniversary with a concert at Yokohama Arena, fans of Country Girls were left shocked at the news that Uta had left (official reason was given as contractual disagreement between her parents and the company but I reckon Maasa got her pregnant so she left to avoid a scandal) and now we have Kobushi Factory joining the big-timers. It’s an up and down ride when you support idols. Still as long as the ups outweigh the downs it’s well worth it. I think Kobushi Factory have the potential to be well worth it. The two songs released on their stage play tie-in first single were both really good and they have a lot of members with bright futures ahead…as long as Maasa doesn’t impregnate anyone. Berryz became seven, C-ute seven then six then five, Country Girls became five. I just hope if Kobushi Factory lose anyone at any stage it’s not my favourite. It’d be nice though if all eight could go on to great success together.

Anyway to celebrate the news…yes you guessed it. Hamachan picspam!









6 responses to “Kobushi Factory Major Label Debut Announced

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    • Well I’ve been following Hamachan’s fortunes for some time now whereas I don’t really know the others yet. However I find Rei and Sakurako interesting. But with a brand new group of eight members there’s lots of potential there. Seeing how they interact and seeing how they project their personalities and abilities will be fun.


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