May Purchases

Recently I received some more idol stuff through the post so here’s another goods round-up. First off I ordered Kobushi Factory’s CD/DVD. It came with four L photos. You had to choose set A or B so I chose set Hamachan…


I’m really looking forward to hearing more from this group.

Talking of Hamachan I also picked up a 2L set…


While I was shopping on E-LineUP I couldn’t resist buying a load of collection photos. It reminds me of being a kid and buying football stickers. Who will I get? ^^


I always open these items with my wife and we try and guess who the member is from the reaction of the other person. When I opened the first one my wife guessed Maimi. Well I like her a lot but…


Even better! Out of 36 possibilities getting my number one and with the very first envelope is damn lucky!

My wife was opening the next envelope and it was really refusing to open so we joked that it must be a tomboy member doing her own thing I said it’s probably Kudo or Takechan…


I’ve guessed right a few times in the past but never before the envelope is even open! I’m quite happy with Takechan as she’s my favourite in Angerme and it’s the first item of hers I’ve ever got.

Up next and it’s a Country Girl member I don’t really know much about…


Yamaki Risa. Well can’t win ’em all. Onwards to C-ute. There are ten photos overall in the set. I bought three. Up first…


MeowMeow. I mean Maimai. A cute pic.

My turn to open one. There’s a one in five chance it’ll be Nacky…


My luck is holding out it seems! 😀

Final C-ute pic and it’s…


My second favourite member. Good to get some Maimi too. I’m really happy with those photos. This time there was no duplication, I got my two favourite members and the pics are all cute.

Finally I bought one Kobushi Factory Week End Survivor photo. It’s…


My wife’s favourite. Ogawa Rena. She was in a different set of pics to Hamachan in the CD/DVD set so it’s good to get her here.

So all in all a really nice set of pics to go with a great CD/DVD.

I also had one small order coming from Idol Swap…


A nice L size Nacky pic.


A signed Chinami card (about the same size as a CD). I didn’t have much from Chinami yet she was my favourite Berryz member so this is good to have. Especially since it’s autographed. 🙂 Lovely picture they used of her as well.

So that’s another goods round-up. Yay for internet purchases! ^^


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