Hello! Project Digital Books Vol.131 – Nacky

So after only waiting 130 volumes Nakajima Saki finally gets a digital book release. Every month there’s a digital release featuring shots from photoshoots that never made it to the released books. Nacky has had several photobooks yet never an actual digital book until now. To celebrate I’ll be showing some pictures from the digital pb. The pictures were from her last photobook N20 which was released early 2014 (new book soon please) and I don’t think it was her best pb but it still had some lovely pics and it’s always good to get some more Nacky pics.

009 010 012 013 015

Some idols get to go to Hawaii or other exotic locations for their photoshoots. Nacky gets to do some cleaning. It hardly seems fair. Especially as I’ve always wanted her to be my maid and she’s not even dressed as one. So close yet so far. Cruel!




“They want me to CLEAN?”


“This whole place?”

Now adverts for some new goods…


Just in from the Hello! Shop. The Nakafan 2000. This powerful fan will keep you feeling cool at home during the long summer months. Or if you live in the UK during that week of sun sometime in July. The fan is economical, has a range of strength settings and comes with a fully poseable Nacky stand.


Also available the Nakafreejata. Sorry Nakafrigadator….Frejjator…hand in cheese. I mean this electrical apliance for your kitchen. It keeps all your food chilled and has a handle shaped like an idol.


New in our home furnishings section is this Nakurtain tieback. Neatly hold your curtains in place during the day to let in all that lovely sunshine. If you live in the UK you can let in all that murky gloom instead. Except for that one week in July.


Tired of your home furnishings blowing away during the British monsoon season (running from late July to early July every 12 months)? This Nakaweight will stop your belongings ending up several streets away.

Adverts over. Back to the photos…


So pretty!

007 012 021 020024

“What? I have to clean this place tomorrow as well?”

 012 015

Nacky looks beautiful here but she didn’t even get a sandy beach. No she got pebbles. Not fair!

020 021 023

That Nacky draught excluder should sell well. Seriously though her dress makes her look like a purple canary but she still looks beautiful in it.

002 003 005


010 014 015

The Nacky towel holder looks quite good too. The hotel room photoshoot looks like fun. A mixture of happy fun pics (always good and more such pics would be very welcome in most photobooks) and arty/sexier pics.


My Queen!

So there you have a selection of her pics. If you want to download the whole set they are on the H!O tracker.

It’s so good to finally see Nacky get a digital book. I’d love to see some shots from her other photoshoots too. As I said earlier this shoot wasn’t for my favourite pb but there’s still some lovely pics in it. Her other photobooks were great though. I wonder if maybe at some stage there’ll be some pics released from them? Probably not as I’ve been waiting years. Still, yay for a Nacky release. Some lovely new (sort of) pics of my favourite idol!


3 responses to “Hello! Project Digital Books Vol.131 – Nacky

  1. Nice that you finally got one of Nacky. I’m pretty surprised it wasn’t Airi again. I mean, there have been like six volumes since the last one of Airi – sometimes she even has two in a row. I don’t remember how many she has but it’s the most of any member.


    • Airi does get a lot. Maimi gets quite a few too. I’ve seen her have two months on the run as well. Sayu used to get a lot as well. I guess it’s the big-hitters mostly. Even so I saw Chisato get one a while back and she’d only had one pb. Nacky has had several. So it was long overdue.


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