Morning Musume Ranker

Well who doesn’t love a ranker? There’s one for all Momusu members past and present here so I did it. The results…


My thoughts looking at the results are as follows…

“Did I really do that?” The top 5 no problem but after that somehow I surprised myself. Ayumi is surely too high? Kago Ai should surely be lower! >.> I still like Rika that much? I like Kanon even more? I don’t have Mitsui second bottom? Weird.

I should add that the 12th gen have a sort of holding position midway until I know them better. Coming below them probably says a lot for an idol in terms of just how much I don’t give a Fukuda (Asuka).

Kamei Eri is someone I like now way more than I did when she was in the group. The benefit of hindsight. >< Although to be fair she was rising in my estimation in the year before she graduated. I did buy a couple of her photobooks at that time.

Somehow seeing three original members in the top fourteen has got me wanting to watch old Momusu PVs again. Not to mention Nacchi solo PVs. It’s heartening to realise that Momusu have been giving me so many good memories right through each generation. I came along during the platinum era so they will always be “my” generation but I still admire the idols and the music from earlier and of course from later (right up to the present day). For instance with the earlier songs what right-minded individual doesn’t like Koi no Dance Site?



Such a great song!

Back to the ranker and if you take my favourite member from each generation you probably won’t get far before the police catch you. But if you somehow got away with it you’d end up making a Golden Musume with a line-up consisting of…

Iida Kaori, Yaguchi Mari (I recently bought a bonsai tree and called it Yagutree Mari you know), Goto Maki (obviously), Ishikawa Rika, Takahashi Ai, Michishige Sayumi, Kusumi Krackhead (obviously), Junjun, Suzuki Kanon, Ishida Ayumi and Oda Sakura (again obviously). Although you could drop the solo gens and I’d be even happier. Now just give me them singing Renai Revolution ’21 (I’ll pay you) and I’ll be ecstatic! Or just Sayu singing Happy Birthday Mr President to me for that matter. Wait no! Inappropriate thoughts! Quick. Think non-erotic things. Think non-erotic things…Yasuda Kei! Mitsui Aika! Okay that’s better.

Talking of older generations I notice that three fifth gen members have just been on The Girls Live dancing together.

CFjxUEOWAAAWoPN.jpg large 11036422_1095445403803168_2544745378124506660_o 11313050_1095445277136514_8781749228355536545_o

*Screencaps courtesy of the 910 Percent group on Facebook*

I don’t know about you but I think Gaki looks different somehow. Like she really needs a drink.

CFjyOm-UEAAgOQ0.jpg large

I mean to me in this pic the members are thinking…

Ai-chan: Yeah I still got it.

Konkon: I love dancing. It’s such fun!

Gaki: Will there be wine later?

Or Gaki: Mustn’t. Throw. Up.

It’s so good to see Konkon back in action. It’s a pity Makoto has recently moved away from the industry though. It would have been nice to see all four together again.

Anyway in summary I’d say doing the ranker gave me all sorts of good feelings about the past and the present Momusu. It was nice to think back to ex-members and remember how awesome some were. Ah the feels! Here’s to the next twelve generations!


2 responses to “Morning Musume Ranker

  1. Ah, rankers. Those are always fun. It always is interesting to have the fandom all laid out like that… and comment on the results.

    Twas nice seeing your results. Great post!


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