Latest Purchases

Yes it’s another goods round-up post. My wife and I had decided to purchase a few goods recently and they all arrived pretty much together. 🙂 I’ll Start with this lovely 2L set of Hamachan pics my wife got for me as a surprise. My first Hamachan goods! Yay!


Hamaura Ayano is just cuteness personified. ^^ I really can’t wait for Kobushi Factory to debut proper.

Next up is this C-ute 2L set. They have “thank you” written in various languages around the edges.

C-ute’s members all look so shining as usual. I think my favourite pic though is Airi’s just because I love her pet, Suu-san, making an appearance.

I also got this five random pics set of Nacky L’s. Mainly because I wanted the cap pic. All look good though. I like the dress in the Halloween pic a lot.


The package these C-ute and Nacky pics came in also included polaroid style freebies. I was lucky with one being Nacky. The other two are of Eripon and Vampire-chan who mean not that much to me although Vampire-chan seems to have been photographed in front of the bars H!P management chain her too when night falls. So that amuses me at least…


Also in the package was Michishige Camera 2. It came with a nice L pic…


It’s a fun book that consists of 70% idols gurning and 30% idols looking beautiful. Here are some random pages…

IMG_0272 IMG_0273 IMG_0274 IMG_0276 IMG_0277

It’s a fun book to look through. So much of it is just the idols messing around and you get a good sense of what life must be like on the road with them. So rather than the perfect images of a normal photobook it’s fun candids and in a way that’s perfect too. There’s a real sense of togetherness and happiness to this book.

After Michishige Camera 2 it’s time for Michishige on Camera. I got the Shabadabadoo single V from CDJapan. It has the close-up and dance shot versions of the PV along with a making-of. 18 minutes of Sighyummy goodness.


Also from CDJapan came the latest C-ute and Momusu singles (with posters not in shot as they haven’t been opened yet). Both CDs came with a random card…


I’d have preferred Nacky, Maimi or Airi but Maimai is fine too. Although I always seem to end up with Maimai. Like when I bought C-ute collection photos a month or so ago. I bought three and two were Maimai. I also remember a group order for H!P posters on Idol Swap a few years back where there were about seven Maimai ones out of maybe 30 to 35 posters. Stop flooding the market Maimai! As for Kudo well I don’t have much interest in her really but I do quite like her. My wife likes both as second favourites so they were good cards anyway.

Finally it’s something that for me is a very rare purchase. So far in my seven and a half years of idol fandom I have bought only two full-sized picture towels. One of Kanna (remember her? She dressed as Rupert the Bear in the Forever Love PV and always seemed to have the hots for Airi) and one of my darling Nacky. Well now I have a third towel to add to the collection…



I love the pirate outfits so much. I loved them when I first saw them but then when C-ute wore them in Paris in 2013 it just meant I loved them even more due to the fact I saw them actually wearing them in person. I even met them and shook their hands while they were wearing them. So the pirate outfits equal instant happy recollections. Anyway I saw this towel on Idol Swap and just had to have it. Well treasure makes me happy! Maimi looks bloody amazing in it as per usual. Actually if I was mega rich I’d want all the members towels from this tour. At the very least I’d certainly love to have Nacky’s too.

And that’s it. A lovely set of packages addressed to my wife or me. Happy times!


7 responses to “Latest Purchases

  1. Congrats of your haul! All merch looks amazing but Sayu simply outshines everything 🙂 And the Maimi towel of course. The sheer size of it make sme tihnk that it’s fap…I mean fabulous *khem*.
    Hama-chan is such a sweetie. I wonder how she manages in the Survivor. Will we get a PV? I’d love one 🙂
    P.S. Is that a sofa? It looks mighty uncomfortable.
    P.S.2 I got Mittsi as a random card in a Musume CD 😀 I’d prefer her than Maimai tho.


    • Sayu sparkles. She is perfection for an idol. Well except for the not being able to sing thing. But on the other hand it does mean she has a really cute speaking voice.

      The towel is almost lifesize. It would go great on some big pillow. xD

      I think there was some Single V thing available only at the Survivor musical. I haven’t seen it shared anywhere yet though. The only thing I’ve really seen of Kobushi Factory so far is a nice little performance on an episode of The Girls Live. It really whetted the appetite. They seem to have a rock style sound which surprised me but the song was good and the performance was cute.

      It is a sofa and it’s nice and large and comfy. ^^

      I’d choose Maimai over the woof woof any day. Although I guess they are of a similar level of popularity. Like Captain too and Maimai is good friends with both. They should start up a unit together called something like…The Other Ones.


  2. The Other Ones now that’s catchy. But there was already a unit like that… hmm… what was it called…. oh I remember Berryz Koubou XD Just joking, of course 🙂 The closest thing was the one for Robbikerotsu with Niigaki. I always thought that the rest of them were lefovers (yeah, Nacky was of them but you can’t say she’s popular in C-ute). Chisato gained her fanbase whenTsunku discovered she can sing but then she was the tomboy with no screen time. And Aika which is self-explanatory.


    • Yeah Nacky was never popular. That group was such a sad affair for me. I love Nacky but could never get past the Woof Woof so just couldn’t approach the group with an open mind. ><


    • Lots of binders for the pics. ^^ actually if this place ever went up in smoke they’d probably find me unconscious on a staircase trying to lug a big bookcase worth of stuff down the stairs. I should leave suitcases in strategic positions so I can dump stuff in them quickly. XD

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