“Making your way as an idol today takes everything you’ve got.
Getting support from all your wota sure would help a lot.
Wouldn’t you like to get wotagei?

Sometimes you want to go

Where at least someone knows your name,
and they’re always glad you posted again.
You wanna be where you can see,
fans worldwide are all the same
You wanna be where at least someone knows your name.”

No I’m not having a nervous breakdown. Well okay I might be having a nervous breakdown but that’s irrelevant. You see there’s a fun smartphone app for fans of lesser known idol groups. It’s called Cheerz. Idols post pictures and text in a blog style and fans can “cheer” them. You get to send a set number of “cheers” a day although with repeated use the numbers rise. So the longer you use it the more levels you go up and the more cheers you can give to your favourite members. It’s not completely pointless as the most popular idols get to do special events. They also get to see how many cheers they are receiving which is a good way for fans to show support without it even costing any money as the app is free.

The idol groups participating are of the “up and coming” variety so there are groups I’ve heard a little about such as cute penguin bothering idols Notall, and groups I’ve never heard of like Ultragirl, Lovely Doll and the rather oddly titled Flap Girls’ School. Then there’s my personal obscure favourites Orange Port (who were at Japan Expo last year and were excellent. I blogged about them here.)

Anyway it’s a fun, free app and a good way of seeing pictures of lots of cute idols. My own bias is Shuri Koike of Orange Port. She’s a great dancer and has lots of confidence for a girl of just 13. Here’s a few pics (all taken from Cheerz except for the first two which were from her blog)…

IMG_0077ShuriIMG_0002 IMG_0003 IMG_0080    IMG_0105IMG_0004IMG_0108

Some people would say her looks put her in the same facial area as other idols I like such as Nacky or Momoiro Clover Z’s Reni but I say that’s just coincidence. I just like how good she is as a dancer. It was that which won me over in Paris. Although having said that yes I do like her face. I find her cute.

Anyway cheers for Cheerz. It’s a fun app full of cute idols. Well worth checking out!


7 responses to “Cheerz

  1. We always seem to like the same things! I mean Cheerz, not necessarly Shuri. 😀 Well I’ve cheered for her a few times too, but mostly Yuyu and some Akipon and Rino. One of Shuri’s most recent Cheerz posts is the best pic I’ve ever seen of her, I’m surprised you didn’t include it here. It’s the one with a red background. I wish Akipon had more cheers, she usually only gets around 100 or 200 per photo whereas Yuyu gets thousands. Yuyu is lovely though so she deserves them too.


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