Blog Birthday Post (Aren’t Idols Great?)

Seven years ago today Morningtime the blog was created (on the old site here). Coincidentally I’ve been thinking recently about why I like the idols. Put those two things together and what do you get? An opportunity for a brief blog post enthusing about idols and the idol industry!


Random Japan Expo 2014 pic of happy idols. You can bet the fans were happy too!

You see I love idols. I love how well-rounded they are. Sure idols can sometimes be sexy (at least in some groups). They can dress sexily and do sexy dances or even just have something sexy about their personality (hello Sayu) but the industry isn’t about sex sells (at least not with the groups I like). In fact if a young girl works hard and has a personality that appeals in some way to a Tsunku type then almost any Japanese girl between the ages of about 11 and 25 could be an idol (if they had a lucky break). You don’t have to be particularly pretty. You don’t even have to have a good voice or be able to dance (remember Koharu?) You just have to be hard-working and committed and have…something about you.

There are idols that are cute looking. There are idols that are less cute looking but have cute personalities. There are tomboy types and types with slightly sardonic senses of humour. There are types with really energetic and weird personalities and there are types that are shy. There’s an idol out there for anyone. Idols are young people developing their talent and learning their craft while growing as people. In doing so they create happiness. If you think of any idol concert or Japan Expo style convention that’s what you see. Big beaming smiles. An idol doesn’t have to be particularly pretty. She doesn’t have to be particularly talented. An idol just has to have a good attitude and a personality that appeals. So despite non-fans preconceptions about what fans see in idols it’s actually an industry that’s big on personalities mixed with often cute outfits, catchy music, sometimes great talent and always a hard working ethos. What could be more perfect? Idols are role models for people of any age. They are humour and positivity and talent and beauty and sometimes sexiness and sometimes one, none or all of the above. Idols are human beings, just ones that happen to bring sunshine and joy and energy to the world. 

The strength in idol culture comes from the variety of personalities, alongside the variety of forms of entertainment they provide from singing to acting to promoting themselves on tv show to DVDs of them messing around in places like Hawaii. There’s so much to be entertained by. Some people see idols and just think it’s young girls and creepy men. It’s actually quite funny. So many amazing people working so hard to develop their talent and non-fans miss the point massively and think it’s about sex. An assumption that’s insulting not just to fans but to the hard work, talent and great personalities of the idols. An assumption that says more about the accuser really.

So idols are frankly brilliant entertainers. They provide so much positive entertainment around the world through their work and through their very beings. They are a great fusion of entertaining music/acting/tv appearances/member DVDs, etc alongside great personalities. Idols should be idols to fans but the idol industry should be idols to any other form of entertainment because as I said at the start idols are so well-rounded. It’s an industry not based around any one thing. It’s about the whole person. Any girl that wants to be an idol could be one with a huge dose of luck. Because with idol culture it’s not sex that sells its happiness and positivity. And that’s why I’ve been blogging for the past seven years. Idols I salute you!


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