The February C-ute Birthday Post!

As any good C-ute wota would know February brings us the birthdays of 3/5ths of the members. Nakajima Saki is 21 on 5th February and then Maimi 23 and Maimai 19 (still only 19?) on 7th February. Well that’s a great excuse for some picspam! But not just any picspam. Oh no. Let’s start with some sizzling Nacky and Maimi pics from the latest UTB…

Magazine, Nakajima Saki, Yajima Maimi-521912 Magazine, Nakajima Saki, Yajima Maimi-521913  Magazine, Nakajima Saki, Yajima Maimi-522559 Magazine, Nakajima Saki, Yajima Maimi-522556 Magazine, Nakajima Saki, Yajima Maimi-522562 Magazine, Nakajima Saki-521910 Magazine, Yajima Maimi-521909

The pics that should launch a thousand fanfics! Don’t they both look beautiful? And is there anything more perfect than the JimaJima combo anyway? They’ve certainly grown up since…

Yajima Maimi, Nakajima Saki, C ute, Magazine-6158

So cute! Seeing these idols growing up, improving as performers in so many ways, getting more success, getting to travel to other countries to meet fans from all over the world, growing in reputation, confidence and stature and finally getting the recognition they deserve has been such a privilege. I hope we can continue the journey for a few years more yet!

But let’s not overlook Maimai. She has been in H!P since such a young age. Growing up I’m sure she always looked up to the other members of C-ute…

Umeda Erika, Hagiwara Mai-2839

Crap joke! Another tradition continued! Anyway Maimai, like Nacky, didn’t have the strongest of voices but also like Nacky she has certainly improved a lot over the years and both have become amongst the best dancers in H!P. And though Maimai is forever the baby of the group she too has grown up to be another beautiful, hard-working, talented young woman. So let’s celebrate that with some Maimai picspam…

image0012 image0013 image0014 image0019 image0020 image0032 image0036 image0045 image0047

Lovely pics from her second photobook.

As I post this it’s already Nacky’s birthday so yay! Happy Birthday to my favourite idol! And happy birthday for Saturday to Maimi and Maimai. I hope the next year brings more success and happiness for all three of them and of course the other two members of C-ute.


3 responses to “The February C-ute Birthday Post!

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  2. Wow, they certainly have grown up, haven’t they? That old pic of Nacky and Maimi is about 2006 or so, right?

    They all have shown a lot of improvement over the years. Although Maimai and Nacky may not have had the strongest singing voices in the early years of C-ute, it didn’t stop me from liking the group. My first C-ute purchase was “2 mini…” and my favorite song was instantly the Nacky/Maimai duet, “Disco Queen.” I didn’t even really care for Maimai much at the time in the videos that I watched but she’s grown on me over the years.

    Nacky’s always been pretty high on my list as far as H!P rankings go – she certainly has grown into a beautiful young woman. Maimi has always been my image of the perfect idol (if there is such a thing). Oddly, that means I’ve not noticed as much change in her as I have the other members. Sure, it’s obvious from the pictures that she has grown up but, like Airi, she seemed to be more advanced early on and so there was less room for improvement.

    At any rate, I wish Maimi, Maimai, and Nacky all very happy birthdays and look forward to what time C-ute has left before they inevitably go “on hiatus” like Berryz.


    • I think the pic is from around 2006 yes.

      I have pretty much the same thoughts as you on the members. Maimi is like a super idol in a lot of ways but strangely that meant I didn’t pay as much attention to her at first. I prefer some flaws just to add some character. But she and Airi were always kind of already at a high level in both performing and personality. Both seemed confident from the very start. I hold both in high regard. Both are talented as performers and seem really lovely in person.
      Disco Queen was an instant classic. I’d still say it’s one of my favourite album tracks from any H!P group.

      Maimai has grown on me in recent years. She’s still behind JimaJima and Airi in my interests but still comfortably in the top half of H!P.


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