Hello! Project Idol Ranking 2015

A new year so a new ranking. This time anticipating the plucking of the Berryz. So in order of preference…

1. Nakajima Saki.

Magazine, Nakajima Saki-521910

Big shock huh? Ever since Ai-chan’s graduation Nacky has been my number one. I don’t change oshis very often so I expect the cute, quiet, great dancing, big-gobbed beauty will be number one until C-ute do a Berryz and don’t graduate at all. Oh no. No it’s a hiatus. Hmm. I have spoken about Nacky so many times on my old blog that I don’t have much to add. But the shy little Princess has done so much already in her career and continues to improve as a singer and dancer. Her spirit and hard work, coming from someone who seemed so meek and insecure and who still seems like the quiet type, continues to inspire. Pure beauty!

2. Yajima Maimi.

Magazine, Yajima Maimi-520502

Maimi has been up there for the past few years. She is absolutely beautiful, athletic, charming, energetic and a little ditsy too. She is just damn cool. Meeting her in handshakes at Japan Expo the past few years has been a wonderful experience. Some idols leave you feeling a bit hmm but Maimi is so sparkling and happy you come away feeling really happy and energised. Her big smile and her warmth leaves you feeling giddy. Perfect! Beauty through and through.

Magazine, Nakajima Saki, Yajima Maimi-521912

Top two!

3. Hamaura Ayano.

 Hamaura Ayano-488302

Ayano is cute like a puppy is cute. She’s got so much personality, she looks adorable and she’s very funny too. It’s not often one of the trainees stands out to me so much. The same thing did happen with Maeda Yuuka and Tanabe Nanami though but with nobody else. So it’s rare. I’m so pleased she’s getting to debut soon. It’s just a pity Nanami isn’t there too. Anyway Hamachan is a joy to watch. Her expressions and her movements leave you feeling the need to adopt immediately. Her personality flows out towards you in an unstoppable stream of cuteness. It’s like pure essence of idol going straight to the heart. Unbeatable!

 4. Suzuki Kanon.

 Suzuki Kanon-514143

I used this ranker here for the results although it didn’t include the trainees and still included Berryz. According to the results Kanon is now my favourite Momusu member. Well it’s a close thing. There’s a few I like but nobody that stands out to me as head and shoulders above the rest like Ai-chan did or Junjun or Sayu or Yurina. No hold on…not Yurina. Wrong kind of head and shoulders. Anyway it is close between the Momusu members and with the addition of the 12th gen it could get even closer. although I have ranked them too it’s still early days so I have had to factor in that lack of knowledge to weigh that against favourable first impressions. Time will tell. As for Kanon, well she has shown so much humour since even before she joined. Even her audition was funny and quirky and eye-catching. Since then she has always shone bright whenever they have appeared on tv shows. Sheer force of personality makes a big impression. I’d say the personality is what wins me over most when choosing favourites. Kanon is always entertaining and charming with it.

5. Suzuki Airi.


Really? Ooh she’s jumped up. Perhaps it was meeting her in Paris last year. She was so friendly and welcoming. Plus like Kanon she’s always shown great humour and charm. She is also cute, a damn good singer and has that unique something that makes you feel really happy when watching her perform. It’s clear to see why so many fans love her. She is a unique individual and a perfect idol.

 6. Oda Sakura.

 Oda Sakura-519866

Well as expected from an Ai-chan fan Oda gets a high position. She has somewhat similar looks (although not as pretty), a similar voice and in some ways a similar personality too. And if you are going to resemble another idol you may as well resemble the Goddess herself. Ultimately Oda can sing well and seems really unassuming, well-balanced and likeable. I can’t help but feel a warmth towards her.

7. Iikubo Haruna.

 Iikubo Haruna-515454

The Momusu girls continue to make their presence known. Well after C-ute there is still only Momusu that really grabs me musically so it’s no surprise. Haruna is pretty, charming and – like with a few of my higher ranking idols – funny too. I also like her cheeks. Puffy cheeks are cute!

8. Ishida Ayumi.

 Ishida Ayumi, Photobook-513086

If you had to be eaten alive by one idol what better idol to choose than Bigger Boat? At least you’d know that as your leg disappears down her throat her facial expressions would be big and funny and she’d look really pretty too. She’s very good looking, very expressive and can bite through the hull of a small yacht. A unique talent that’s perhaps somewhat overlooked by H!P’s management. Although what happens in Hawaii stays in Hawaii. Don’t mention the missing surfers.

9. Takeuchi Akari.

 Takeuchi Akari-496312

The first of the AngryS/mileage members to rank is Donald Duck’s chubby cheeked tomboy neice Takechan. She’s also Maimi’s cousin although I see no duck in Maimi so I guess that comes from the other side of the family. Anyway there’s something quite attractive about her tomboyish looks and I like her competitiveness. I think my liking for her came from some idol game show I watched several years ago. I can’t remember it’s name but it had the guys from the classic Momusu idiot and sports test shows. In this show S/mileage, Berryz and several non-H!P idol groups battled it out in several games. I remember the second gen had only just been added to G/rimace. Takechan was the only one to really stand out positively from the second gen then as now. On the show she won a flag race type thing and while that may seem an odd reason to like someone it was more the way she did it. Competitiveness, determination and happiness. She beat older, bigger idols with the kind of athleticism, competitiveness and sense of fun you’d expect from a relative of Maimi. ^^ I also like the fact that she doesn’t have the typical type of idol look or personality. There should be idols for everyone and Takechan is a great idol for tomboyish types or half ducks to look up to. Oh and she can look really attractive too. Take the Mystery Night pv for instance. I’d eat her up in a spring roll!

10. Hagiwara Mai.

 Hagiwara Mai, Magazine-511226

C-ute’s youngest member still has a personality that seems almost a bit yankii at least in attitude if not looks. Yet despite her nearly being 19 now she still seems like a baby so I sort of forgive her it. Maimai has something about her that makes you want to encourage her and support her. A slight vulnerability or lack of confidence maybe? Mixed in with a very un-idol-like straight-forwardness and sense of mischief. She sort of has the air of a young neice. You’ve got to like her really.

11. Wada Ayaka.

 Wada Ayaka-518754

Dawa is obviously a very intelligent young woman. She is studying art and is clearly very passionate about the subject. Her writings on the subject have been very interesting. In fact if you don’t know what I’m talking about you can read the English translations here. Wada is a very cheery and likeable idol. Smart, pretty and happy. Pity she’s in Angry Girls then. >.>

12. Kudo Haruka.
Kudo Haruka-521817

She’s moved up a bit! Kudo is starting to remind me of Yossie due to her tomboyish nature mixed with some similarities in personality and sometimes even expressions. There’s definitely always room for an idol like that in Momusu so I am not complaining. However it is not the kind of personality that interests me all that much. Even so she is an idol I do like. Not my favourite type of idol but that’s fine. There should be many types of idol and she fits in Momusu well. I do always respect a strong tomboyish type though. I always have this feeling of “you go girl!” Also her husky voice is quite unique and I like it. It’s good to have a bit of variety in there.

13 (Deep breath) Sayashi Riho, Okai Chisato, Miyazaki Yuka, Kanazawa Tomoko, Miyamoto Karin, Ogata Haruna, Nonaka Miki, Haga Akane and Makino Maria.

Sayashi Riho-518756

Sayashi Riho.

Okai Chisato-519918

Okai Chisato

Juice=Juice, Kanazawa Tomoko, Miyamoto Karin, Miyazaki Yuka, Takagi Sayuki, Uemura Akari-519230

Karin (centre), Yuka (second from right) and Tomoko (right).

Haga Akane, Magazine, Makino Maria, Nonaka Miki, Ogata Haruna-512651

Momusu’s 12th gen.

Hey the ranker doesn’t lie. What this says About Riho I don’t know. She’s a strong performer but her personality doesn’t grab me I guess. Chisato has a good voice but still gives me the impression of being a bit grumpy. Her diet obsession is wearing a bit thin too (pun intended). I don’t dislike her but I have never really been engaged by her even after meeting her several times. I don’t know much about Juice=Juice but I suppose the three members mentioned are the three I like the look of the best. Yet after two or so years of activities and some good singles I don’t really have much to say about them individually. Meanwhile Momusu’s 12th gen haven’t even released a single yet so it’s early days. I’d say early indications are that Miki could be my favourite but without knowing anything about them I don’t want to decide yet. At this moment I’d say I find them at least as likeable as the three Juicer=Juicer members and Riho. This is very much the middle ground. The “don’t love them but don’t have anything I dislike either” area. So why aren’t the new Angerme and Country Girls members here too? It’s odd isn’t it? Best answer I can give is that I’ll be far more interested in Momusu and so will see these girls so much more. Therefore I’m already more excited by their possibilities and thus more engaged already. So 13th is very much a holding position for them whereas 13th is very much a much of a muchness position for Riho and the Juicers.

22. Ikuta Erina

  Ikuta Erina-520200

Erina used to be so much higher. If this was a football team she’d be sliding towards relegation and her manager would be facing the sack. I don’t know. She just doesn’t interest me. I find her voice annoying which doesn’t help and her personality seemed mainly based around liking Gaki. I just don’t find her interesting. Talking of which…

23. Fukumura Mizuki.

 Fukumura Mizuki, Magazine-521531

Apparently she’s always been a big fan of Momusu. Good for her. She at least has good taste. I find her quite boring though.

24.Takagi Sayuki.

 Takagi Sayuki-520126 

I have liked several Juice=Juice singles yet have never really been engaged by the individual members. I have nothing against Sayube but she engages me less than the three previously mentioned.

25. Uemura Akari.

 Uemura Akari-521452

See explanation to 23. Only more so. Maybe it’s a looks thing. Well when personalities haven’t leaped out at me yet I suppose looks is all there is to go on. Of the five members I think she’s the least interesting looking. She’s the youngest but looks the oldest and kind of bland too.

 26. Mitsui Aika.

 blog, Mitsui Aika-470038

Mitsui finds a way to deal with the hectic idol lifestyle she still lives. Because obviously she’s still a really active member of H!P. “More booze! No. Two! I want two glasses!”

Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Well not really but I never actually disliked her as a person…I mean dog. I just didn’t think she fitted in Momusu. Or any other group I’d be interested in for that matter. She seems nice though and was entertaining when Momusu went to Paris back in 2010. I wish her no rabies. However I’m glad she’s no longer in Momusu. She did once give me a great day though. It was the day she graduated. What a party that was. >.>

27. Pretty much everyone else. Well Aikawa Maho, Nakanishi Kana, Katsuta Rina, Fukuda Kanon, Sasaki Rikako, Tamura Meimi, Murota Mizuki, Yamaki Risa, Inaba Manaka, Morito Chisaki, Shimamura Uta, Ozeki Mai, Taguchi Natsumi, Ogawa Rena, Nomura Minami, Wada Sakurako, Fujii Rio, Hirose Ayaka and Inoue Rei.

 Country Girls, Inaba Manaka, Morito Chisaki, Ozeki Mai, Shimamura Uta, Yamaki Risa-522295

The Country Girls.


Angerme. Two members I actually like back right.

Fujii Rio, Hamaura Ayano, Nomura Minami, Ogawa Rena, Taguchi Natsumi, Wada Sakurako-516290

H!P’s newest group. Still no name. One adorable idol fourth from right.

So…I know nothing of the new Angryme girls or the Country Girls. Something tells me I won’t be that interested either but time will tell. Ayano’s unnamed group will interest me more just because of Ayano. On first impressions the two other members that I have good vibes for are Wada Sakurako and Inoue Rei but it’s still too early to lift them up above the rest. Meanwhile Angerme’s remaining members are all a big load of blandness. Except Vampire-chan who I still don’t like but I won’t put her below the others because A. She can sing and B. Her lack of blandness is actually a bold move for that group. It deserves at least something and not being last is that something.

46. Momoko Tsugunaga.


Tsugunaga Momoko

Tsugunaga Momoko-522060

Norman Bates.

46? Really? H!P is frigging huge now. Anyway This is a placing not so much for Momoko Tsugunaga but for Momochi. Like Norman Bates’ mum Momochi has pretty much entirely taken over now. There is very little left of the real Momoko. “My name is Momoko. I’m just a normal girl” said the one-time idol as she rocked back and forth before the last vestiges of her personality were cruelly taken away and all that was left was this evil psychotic being called Momochi. A name that could strike fear into the hearts of any aspiring young idol. I hope to God Tsunku none of the Country Girls ever piss her off. If they do they’d better lock the door before they shower. Still it could be worse. At least she’s not…

47. Sato Masaki.

 Sato Masaki-518055

There’s weird, there’s very weird, there’s Momochi but then beyond even that caricature of an idol persona there is something far more unsettling. Unsettling not because it’s so absurd but because it seems like a real person. Yes beyond Momochi we have Masaki. Her personality worries me. It can’t be good for her to be in the spotlight surely? Did H!P learn nothing from Kago Ai (well I mean nothing wholesome. I’m sure she could have taught them lots of other things though). Masaki has an annoying voice and a face that just isn’t my kind of thing but that’s not why she’s down here in last place. No it’s her personality. It’s terrifying. Not in a rip your throat out kind of way like with Vampire-chan (who has calmed down a lot anyway these days thank goodness…and his holiness and the garlic and holy water he supplied) but in an uncomfortable “I don’t know whether to find her seriously annoying or be worried for her mental health” kind of way. Too harsh? well even if so that’s my gut reaction. Like fingernails on a blackboard. She’s worse than Mitsui. Mitsui at least seems like a happy dog. Masaki just seems…bonkers. Oh and annoying. Did I mention annoying?

Well that’s my ranking. Obviously it goes without saying these are my own personal opinions and are not meant to be taken as statements of fact. I’m sure the ranking will be different in a year’s time too. There are so many new members and who knows maybe I’ll suddenly get the attraction of some of the lower ranking longer serving members. That’s one thing with these rankings. It’s like a time capsule of thoughts and feelings. Take Eripon for example. When I look at earlier rankings I see my enthusiasm for this exciting new idol. Now she’s going down quicker than a punch drunk boxer (I had other going down quickly examples but I’d better not. I should try and keep the blog at least a bit clean. Besides I’ve already skitted at Kago Ai once this post). Meanwhile BiggerBoat is going up like a hungry shark that’s just spotted some surfers. Mostly my opinions don’t differ that much though so if you’re expecting Masaki love at some stage you will probably be very disappointed!


9 responses to “Hello! Project Idol Ranking 2015

  1. Interesting rankings. Having lost the motivation and time to keep up with any of the supplemental idol videos like Alo-Hello, variety shows, etc., I really have nothing but the music and PVs to go on these days. It may be enough to rank my liking of the groups and possibly my opinion of individual members’ singing and dancing skills, but it’s not really enough to rank the idols themselves.

    I do have to mention that, after 2nd gen S/mileage all but completely destroyed my interest in the group, the 3rd gen has given me a reason to pay attention to them again (even though I hate the name ANGERME). I think at least Rikako and Misaki show great potential and I’ve liked them in the two new PVs from the group so far. Maho doesn’t seem to be getting as much attention so I’m not so sure what to think about her yet.


    • Rikako seems very popular already. I think she was one of the more popular Kenshuusei members. I quite like one of their new singles so maybe they’ll start to grab my attention as a group again. I’m not so sure though. I liked Mystery Night last year but when it came to downloading the pv I just found a Takeuchi solo version and decided “that’ll do”. xD


  2. I think our tastes used to be more similar before? The only ones I would also pick in my top 10 from yours are Maimi, Airi, Daaishi, Maimai and possibly Nacky. Also Harunan’s cheeks and legs. 😛

    I must say I’m getting interested in Hamachan, but I still find her the pretty type rather than cute.

    I’m going to say something about Maachan. You might never be able to appreciate her looks, but her personality most likely will change in time. I can see why people find her annoying, but I like her because she’s absolutely hilarious. Her stories, actions and comments are so bizarre, I can’t help but laugh. She has the personality of a 10-year-old… a weird 10-year old. LOL But you see, Meimi calmed down with time, I’m sure Maachan will as well. Another thing I like about Maachan is that she changes into a whole another person on stage. She’s a focused, serious performer with a surprisingly good voice. I find that very admirable and professional. Then again, I remember Tsuji and Kago… I could say the same things about them as you say about Maachan. I’ve never liked those two at all. It’s all subjective. Oh and I like Momochi for the entertainment value as well, and the contrast between Momochi and Momoko…

    Now I feel like doing a post like this too, but maybe I’ll wait a bit and get to know CG and the new group better.


    • Meimi calmed down and now she’s gone up in my rankings so much. ;p
      It’s all subjective of course but I don’t think there’s anything there that suggests to me that even after she’s grown up a bit I’ll like her.


  3. I forgot to add that Maachan is only 15 so even though her personality is childish, she’s still a child herself. An adult who behaves like her might be a little worrying already.


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