Another Pics + Captions Post

Well I’ve got to keep up the old traditions going so here’s that old perennial the piccy/caption post.

First up it appears Mizuki’s liposuction has gone horribly wrong…

Fukumura Mizuki, Photobook-472639

Life in Momusu under Sayu is revealed…

Kudo Haruka, Photobook-496676

That pic was taken fifteen minutes after Sayu’s order to have one of the younger members washed and sent to her room.

Here is a photo of a fictional character that was invented several years ago…

blog, Ikuta Erina-518577

And alongside Eripon is Goofy’s son Max (I thought it was Goofy himself but the whole of Twitter can’t be wrong).

The Momusu members look on as Ai-chan meets the results of Tsunku’s Ai-chan cloning experiment…


“Yaaaay. Success!”

S/mileAnger minus the new gen answer their first Pocket Morning questions…

Angerme qa Angerme qa1

The recession continued to bite in 2014. H!P had to use less material for outfits leading to bikini tops that were far too tight…

Photobook, Suzuki Airi-494485

Some material was so thin it was see-through. Tragedy!

Photobook, Suzuki Airi-494464

There’s a scandal on the horizon as Captain forgets that just because she’s leaving soon it doesn’t mean she can be open about her love life yet…


Following Buono’s recent H!P concert live reunion there’s fears that Airi may have been spending too much time with Momoko…

Suzuki Airi-519664Suzuki Airi-519663

Airi’s caught BSI it seems. Momoko’s particular form of the Batshit Insanity disease is very virulent.

Tokunaga Chinami is seen modelling a coat given to her as a Christmas present by Miyabi. Apparently it once belonged to one of Miyabi’s family members…

Tokunaga Chinami-519419

They might not be kids anymore but it doesn’t mean they always behave in (dance) class. Berryz’ dance instructor takes action after Risako looks like she doesn’t care once too often…

blog, Sugaya Risako-519371

“Go and stand facing the wall. DON’T TURN AROUND!”

Some of S/mileanger have been cast in a new Japanese version of The Borrowers…

Fukuda Kanon, Tamura Meimi, Wada Ayaka-519641

“Hello? Hello? We’re down here. Can you see us? We’re so small!”

Life in Momusu is laid bare in this next pic. Ayumi’s shirt shows what life was like with Sayu while Kudo shows that, even with greater sales, everyone has to multitask…

blog, Ishida Ayumi, Kudo Haruka-519341

Finally I have nothing to say for this next pic other than it is surreal and disturbing…

Tamura Meimi-519397

Please make the bad girl go away!


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